5 Types Of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own For Herself

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There are a number of wardrobe staples every woman should have and lingerie is one of them. Check out 18 Wardrobe Essentials For Women. Lingerie has the power to boost your confidence since, regardless of your body type, it’s made to flatter your curves. Additionally, there are a variety of lingerie types to choose from that suits your preference. Therefore, every woman should own at least one piece of lingerie for herself. Here are some types of lingerie every woman should own.

1.      Silky Robe

Channel your inner movie star by wearing a silky robe around the house. It complements your basic nightgown and makes you feel luxurious. It’s perfect to lounge with at home after a shower or a long day at work. It can also serve as a light cover-up during the night instead of wearing heavy clothes. You can throw on this type of lingerie quite easily and prepare for a night of relaxing.

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2.      Matching Pajamas

Put aside that promotional t-shirt and get a matching pyjama set for your bedtime. They’re a more glamorous option that is practical and can make you feel sexy. Pyjamas have been around for ages and are one of the classic lingerie items that every woman should own. They come in various designs and materials. You can get a trouser set or shorts set, cotton or silk pyjamas. Additionally, they’re flattering to all body types from curvy to slender.

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3.      Babydoll

Babydoll lingerie looks like the sexy version of a night dress. They are made from sheer material and are usually short. This one is more suitable for a romantic night in with your partner. However, you can wear sexy lingerie when you’re alone. Once in a while, you should throw on something as sexy as this lingerie and have some alone time. They’re good for a comfy night in with a glass of wine and a good book.

Woman in babydoll lingerie image from https://www.amazon.com/Maonet-Clearance-Babydoll-Sleepwear-Nightwear/dp/B07HQ6J5JJ

4.      Thigh High Stockings With Garterbelt

Every woman needs stockings that bring out the fierce in them. Thigh high stockings are not just sexy but they also make you feel powerful. When worn together with a garter belt, the sexiness is undeniable hence boosting your confidence. They’re perfect for a date night or a night out with the girls. Additionally, they could make anyone look good and are quite comfortable. Not only will your partner like them but you’ll be happy in them.

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5.      Thongs

Lastly, thongs are a must-have whether you’re a fan of sexy innerwear or not. They come in handy when you’re wearing an outfit made of light material that might show your panty line which isn’t a good look. Additionally, thongs are just less bulky making them more comfortable than grandma panties. Make sure you get thongs made of breathable material to avoid infections. In this case, lace and silky panties are preferable and look sexier.

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