Ways In Which Self-Love Can Influence Success In Your Career

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Self-love is a term used by many to indicate the ability to recognize when to put the self above every other need hence appreciating oneself more. Some people equate it to being selfish, arrogant, or egocentric. However, self-love is simply the art of being realistic with yourself by being more self-aware to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Find out why it is important to embrace your weaknesses. 

In this way, you are able to grow self-love through actions which support your psychological, physical and spiritual growth. The following key points explain ways in which self-love can influence success in your career?

  1. Balance

Self-love is a dynamic process. When you develop self-love, you become more compassionate to yourself and appreciate the milestones you cover through the actions that you develop day in day out. You become more mature as well as grow your self-esteem. 5 tips to help you boost your self-confidence.

You thrive in your strength and do not feel the need to explain your weaknesses as you know they are a work in progress.  You become mindful. You know what you feel, think and want. You develop control and balance. What exerts more influence on your road to success than having the control and balance you need in your life?

  1. Self Care

With self-love, you become mindful of the habits that might affect your health. You cultivate conducive environments that increase your productivity (5 simple habits that will boost your productivity) and leverage your strengths. This is in terms of sleep, eating habits, exercise and even social interactions. You rid yourself of toxicity and maximize healthy activities. A person who takes care of themselves is mentally and physically prepared to handle new and more challenging opportunities.

  1. Boundaries

It goes without saying that when you decide to be mindful of your habits and learn to practice self-care you will have to say no from time to time. Learn how to say no without feeling guilty.

At times you will have to say no even to yourself if it means not jeopardizing your mental, physical or emotional health. Just as no successful person has ever gone through life without saying no, self-love will help you set boundaries that will communicate to people how you expect to be treated.

  1. Forgiveness
Photo by Carl Attard from Pexels

Self-love comes with the compassion to forgive yourself and others. You learn not to dwell on situations you couldn’t control. Rather, you focus on what you can. You appreciate others more and realise that not everything can be within your grasp. This gives you the power to let go.

You do not punish yourself too much when you make mistakes and this allows the chance for you to grow and learn from the mistakes rather than plateauing as you chase perfection.

  1. Intention

As you grow the capacity to love yourself, you will realise that you begin to live with intention. Each step or decision you make will come from a place of purpose. You know why you said no to junk food even though you craved it like a pregnant woman. You recognize why you need to distance yourself from people who bring out the worst in you. You grow the sense to protect yourself and surround yourself with people who add value in your life. Check out the 6 ways to get out of toxic relationships.

By practising self-love not only does one become more self-aware but you develop a healthy mindset which leads you to act mostly on what you need rather than what you want. What could be more influential in your career success than mental, physical, and emotional wellness, which can only be attained through self-love?

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Featured Photo by Carl Attard from Pexels


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