7 Ways To Keep Your Feet Warm During The Cold Season

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Your feet can get painfully cold during the cold season and keeping them warm might not be as simple as wearing socks. During these extreme temperatures, you need to take extra steps to stay warm in order to avoid discomfort or illnesses. Since your feet and hands lose the most heat, they should be the warmest parts of your body. Here are some ways to keep your feet warm.

1.      Keep Your Feet Dry

Apart from preventing athlete’s foot and blisters, keeping your feet dry ensure you don’t lose heat. Wetness is a cooling method. However, when the temperatures drop, your feet can become extremely cold if they’re dry. Make sure you dry them completely after a shower. Avoid walking in the rain during wet months.

2.      Wear Woolen Socks

Avoid cotton socks as they are quite ventilated and go for a less breathable material such as wool. Woollen socks will maximize on keeping your feet warm and they feel incredibly cosy as well. Additionally, the longer the socks the better. If you can get thigh-high woollen socks, you can easily lounge in the house wearing it and an oversized hoodie.

Woman in woolen sock image from https://www.hunimed.eu/news/cold-hands-feet/

3.      Get A Heater

When all else fails, go for technology. Heaters are meant to keep you warm during cold months. They’re especially effective in warming your feet as they are at ground height. However, the heat is evenly distributed across the room making the environment warmer. If you’re worried about the electricity bill, you can get heated insoles instead. 7 Ways To Keep Your House Warmer During The Cold Season

4.      Eat Well

The cold season is the prime time to stack up on those comfort foods. However, this doesn’t mean that you eat junk food. Since your body uses extra energy to keep you warm, focus on healthy high-carb food that boosts your energy and keeps your body fueled. Additionally, eating the right kind of food ensures that your body distributes heat to all body parts including your feet.

5.      Wear Appropriate Shoes

When it’s cold, put away the strappy stilettoes or sandals and wear some shoes with a warm installation. Nothing feels better than a pair of warm, comfortable shoes when the weather is trying to get you down. Boots are the most appropriate shoes to keep your feet warm in the cold season. However, any closed shoes will do the trick. Fashion: 8 Stylish Shoes You Should Have During The Wet Months

6.      Avoid Caffeine

Warm beverages are a good way to keep your body warm. However, caffeine is a vessel constrictor that prevents blood from flowing evenly around your body. Therefore, coffee or tea isn’t the best drink to have if you’re trying to keep your feet warm. You can prepare some lemon tea or hot chocolate which are also mood boosters. You could also have some soup. Check out 7 Health Benefits Of Bone Broth

7.      Start Out Warm

You should start by ensuring that your body is nice and warm. Since your body prioritizes keeping your vital organs warm, wearing warm clothes helps your body in equalizing the temperature. Thus, heat is also distributed to other parts of your body like your feet without much strain. Fashion: Dressing Up In This Weather That Can’t Decide Whether To Be Hot Or Cold

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