Fashion: 8 Stylish Shoes You Should Have During The Wet Months

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Going into the wet months means a wardrobe makeover from your clothes to your shoes. However, you don’t have to compromise on your style. You need practical clothing that will keep you warm and dry. Most importantly, your shoes have to be weather appropriate. This isn’t the time to wear your favourite pair of sandals or stilettoes since they cannot withstand muddy or murky roads. Therefore, you should have some of these stylish shoes for the wet months.

1.      Fur Lined Wedge Booties

Finding stylish shoes that are also practical for the rainy season can be challenging. However, the wedge booties are everything you’d need for the wet months. The fur lining ensures your feet stay warm while the wedge design means you don’t have to worry about getting wet. They offer a comfortable yet stylish option for this season.

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2.      Ankle Boots With Chunky Heels

Who said you can’t wear heels during the wet months? Sometimes, the occasion calls for a pair of heels but the weather might hold you back. Not only do ankle boots prevent you from being chilly but also they add a classy touch to any outfit. Go for a pair with chunky heels to make it easier to walk in any terrain. You can wear these ankle boots for a night out or at the office.

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3.      Sneakers

If you’re looking for any and every excuse to wear sneakers with everything, then this is the best time to do that. Sneakers are just about the most comfortable footwear for the wet months.  They’re great for walking in. Besides, the sneaker trend is still a hot look. Check out 3 Sneakers You Need In Your Life

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4.      Combat Boots

Combat boots are in right now. Some of the popular shoe brands include Dr. Martens and Steve Madden. Their popularity could stem from the fact that they’re durable, comfortable and are quite the looker. Additionally, both men and women can rock this look magnificently. They look especially good with a pair of skinny jeans or a mini dress.

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5.      Thigh High Boots

These boots were definitely not made for walking. However, they are a chic option for date night. Not only can you rock a short dress with this pair but also your outfit will definitely turn some heads. You also don’t have to worry about being cold during a night out.

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6.      Loafers

Loafers are a good alternative to boots. They go well with formal and casual wear. Not to mention, they look quite stylish. You can opt for one with a platform to give a slight lift and keep your feet dry. Additionally, leather loafers work better than velvet ones during the wet months.

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7.      Sock Boots

If you don’t want to wear socks with your shoes, the sock boots have got you covered. These stylish shoes became popular after Kim Kardashian wore them. However, there’s no doubt that they’re as practical as they are chic. They keep you warm and looking stylish.

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8.      Timberlands

Timberlands make a wide range of shoes including waterproof boots and women’s Timberland heels. They’re also a reliable pair of shoes that can withstand the cold and wet months. They are decent looking although they are only limited to casual outfits.

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