Technology: How To Transform Your House Into A Smart Home

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Transforming your house into a smart home doesn’t mean you’re promoting laziness. Nor does it mean that your house is now under surveillance from the government. It simply means you’ll spend less time and effort doing some of the basic things in your house. It elevates your entire home experience and makes your house more comfortable. Additionally, you’re able to focus your attention on other things when you reduce the number of things to do around the house. With a readily available internet connection and Kenya boasting some of the fastest internet speeds, it’s never been easier to transform your house into a smart home. Here are some ways to do it.

Get Help From Smart Assistant Speaker

Whether you prefer Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri, getting a smart assistant speaker is usually the first step to transforming your house into a smart home. Smart assistants use voice commands and are activated whether you call out their name for instance if you have Amazon’s Alexa speaker, you activate it by saying “Alexa” followed by the task you want it to carry out. Furthermore, some audio hardware companies like JBL have some smart speakers that support voice command system.

Light Up Your Space With LED Lights

Say goodbye to boring lighting and get some LED lights for your smart home. Not only are they energy saving but also some come in a variety of interchangeable colours which you can control using your smart assistant. You can set up the LED lighting in your home office, behind your TV screen or in your bedroom to give your house that oomph. There are many experts online who can help you set up your LED lights and transform your house to a smart home.

Man controlling his house using a phone image from

Monitor Your Home With Security Cameras

Security cameras are becoming more home-friendly and affordable. Therefore, you have no excuse to not maximize your security. Most can be controlled using an app on your phone as well as give you feedback on your screen. Smart doorbells show you who’s at the door before answering the door thus ensuring you don’t open your home to an intruder. Security: Thinking Of Installing CCTVs In Your Business? Here Are The Benefits

Clean With Robot Vacuum Cleaners

If cleaning your house is always a dreadful affair, you don’t have to frown at the thought of it anymore. Your house will always be clean and you don’t even have to lift a finger with a robot vacuum cleaner. They automatically turn on whenever there is a spill or dirt on the floor. And if you’re wondering how effective they are, just watch this video. It works just as well as any other vacuum cleaner, if not better.


Upgrade Your Entertainment Experience With Smart TV

You don’t have to get up to connect or disconnect things from your TV every time you want to watch something different. With a smart TV, you can use its inbuilt voice command settings to control whatever you want to watch. Additionally, many smart TVs come with a designated Netflix and YouTube button on the remote so you don’t have to spend time searching and scrolling through the internet. Depending on your smart TV, there are many other perks including Bluetooth connection, screencasting and pre-installed apps.

Most of these gadgets are affordable as well. Therefore, you should look into transforming your house into a smart home.

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