Fake It Till You Make It? 6 Dangers Of Using Counterfeit Cosmetics

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Counterfeit cosmetics are taking over the streets of Nairobi, and Kenya as a whole. In an article on Al Jazeera, it exposed the counterfeit cosmetics menace in Kenyan and the reality is alarming. Additionally, Jaclyn Hill, a famous makeup artist on YouTube, recently came under fire for selling expired makeup through her own makeup line which reportedly cost her millions of dollars. Ladies, if you’re not buying beauty products from a trusted source, don’t buy at all. The risks are more than just buying inferior products as it could affect your physical and health condition. Here are some alarming dangers of using counterfeit cosmetics.

1.      Lead Poisoning

Research shows that counterfeit cosmetics can contain up to 19 times the recommended amount of lead. Exposure to lead even in small portions can cause damage over time. When lead builds up in the body, it can cause further complications like joint pains and memory loss. However, it’s especially dangerous to pregnant women as it can cause miscarriages.

2.      Bacterial Infections

Considering that cosmetics come in direct contact with your skin, you’d expect more people to be cautious about buying counterfeit cosmetics. First, they are not made under the most sanitized conditions. The manufacturers don’t prioritize on safety and hygiene like genuine cosmetic brands. Therefore, their products might end up getting contaminated which poses a health risk to the consumers.

3.      Chemical Burns

In the same Al Jazeera article, one woman complained about feeling a burning sensation after wearing lipstick the whole day. This is absolutely not normal. If you have such a reaction to makeup, you probably bought fake products. Prolonged use of these counterfeit cosmetics could result in skin discolouration or disfiguring.

Real vs fake makeup products image from https://www.deckanddine.com/2017/07/real-vs-fake-mac-cosmetics-products.html

4.      Skin Breakouts

The most common reaction to counterfeit cosmetic is an acne breakout. Since these products contain harsh ingredients, your skin reacts badly to them. This especially applies to products like a foundation that covers your face. You’ll notice breakouts within a few minutes of you applying the counterfeit cosmetics. Additionally, they could provoke an allergic reaction since counterfeit cosmetics are not free from allergens.

5.      Blindness

This is one of the extreme effects counterfeit cosmetics can have on your body. Fake eye makeup can damage your vision and in the long run, cause blindness, due to ingredients such as ammonia, lead and artificial dye. It’s advisable not to use eye makeup in the inside of your eyes. However, counterfeit cosmetics contain excessive amounts of these ingredients making them dangerous to your eyesight.

6.      Cancer

It doesn’t get more serious than this. Counterfeit cosmetics contain mercury, another dangerous metal, which is a notorious carcinogen. You should avoid using fake products like lipsticks that can be easily ingested. Over time, these products can actually give you cancer. According to an FBI report, it stated that popular brands like Kylie, Mac and Jeffry Starr were the most counterfeited lipstick brands.

Be mindful about your health the next time you go cosmetics shopping and only buy products from certified dealers.

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