Beauty: How To Use Makeup Brushes Correctly

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There are three types of people – those who use a beauty blender, those who use their fingers and those who use makeup brushes. If you’re the latter, then you’ve been at a point where you question your own sanity when you watch beauty gurus talk about makeup brushes. You’ll think it’s a secret language only they understand.

The Morphe M310s, Zoeva 142s and of course, the Kabuki brushes… It’s all quite exhausting to memorize and master each use. Let’s say you manage to memorize and invest in a set of good quality makeup brushes. Your makeup still doesn’t look half as good as the tutorials. Here are some tips to help you use your brushes correctly.

1.      Start With The Basics

There are many different makeup brushes in the market which different makeup artist swear by. Since you can have them all, it’s better to start with the basics. At least, make sure you have a foundation brush, concealer brush, powder brush, liner brush, eyeshadow brush and a highlighter brush. With this small collection, you can create some pretty decent makeup looks.

2.      Get Rid Of Excess Product

No, you’re not being wasteful. The excess product will either end up falling all over your face or ruining your makeup. So, you’d rather tap off the make up brush against your hand to remove any excess product. Since correcting products like concealers are heavy, you should always use this tip. Additionally, you can warm it on your hand then apply.

3.      Keep Your Makeup Brushes Away From Glitter

You’re allowed to use your fingers or those sponge eyeshadow applicators this one time. Glitter gets everywhere and are almost impossible to get rid of. Therefore, try not to use your everyday makeup brush to apply glitter eyeshadow. You can have a designated glitter brush which should be kept separately from your other makeup brushes.

4.      Not All Makeup Brushes Are Made Equal

You might notice four makeup brushes in your set that look alike. Only one of them is meant for foundation and you could be using the wrong one. Foundation is one of those makeup products that looks better if you use an applicator to apply it. Foundation makeup brushes are usually dense and puffy with a  slightly rounded flat shape.

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5.      Don’t Double Dip

When you’re applying eyeshadow, make sure you clean your brush before applying a different colour. Unless you’re trying to create a new colour, always use a clean eyeshadow brush. This ensures that you don’t transfer any colour and you achieve the look that you were going for. Additionally, you could use the same makeup brush then use a clean one to blend them.

6.      Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself… Literally

Rubbing the product in your face doesn’t make it look better. One of the best tips when using makeup brushes is to hold them very lightly. This way, they glide easily in whichever direction you want. You should also use light strokes when blending to create an even look and end up with natural looking makeup.

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