Technology: Tecno Makes A Comeback With The New Phantom 9

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After the release of Tecno Phantom 8 in 2017, the illustrious brand known for its affordable yet innovative phones went through a brief hiatus. This happened before they could announce the after comer of phantom series, ending the line of phantom smartphones with Tecno Phantom 8. The Tecno Phantom series, which is about redefining the smartphone experience, left phantom lovers wondering when the next release would happen as much as they anticipated upgraded specs and accessories that add to the allure of the brand.

But cutting the long wait short in July 2019, Tecno announced that the phantom series would be coming back bigger and better, staying true to the slogan (unleash your vision) while exceeding the complex demands of its customers.


Leveraging on one of its trademarks, Tecno Phantom 9 will seek to inspire and expand the vision of handset photography, hence the slogan, unleash your vision. It is a device that will redefine mobile photography giving its users a wider perspective of the real depth of creativity.

By that fact alone, we should anticipate AI, triple cameras since its predecessor had a dual camera, lens upgrade, au courant processor and modish design. Speaking of French words you should know that the Tecno Phantom 9 was designed by a French team based in Paris.

Check out the Tecno Phantom 8 Specifications.

Sources say, “Performance-wise, the next Phantom packs the latest in hardware advancement and the sophistication of AI technology. The finger-print is naturally placed and TECNO has you well covered in the software aspect.”

Do we read an upgrade of the Android 7.0 a.k.a Nougat which powers the Phantom 8?

But here’s where the excitement lies. Aesthetically, the phone is aurora inspired, flaunting a colour that is technically out of this world. Since Aurora is characterized by reddish or greenish light in the sky we should expect the Tecno Phantom 9 to share the same hues if not more.

It’s a no brainer that this device won’t struggle to give off a premium impression at first sight. Now, all we have to do is sit pretty and wait for its launch in Kenya which is scheduled to happen on the 2nd week of July. Tentatively the official sales date is set to happen on the 8th of July 2019.

Are you ready for the next phantom?

When it comes to brands, find out how Tecno is shaking up the mobile market.  

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