Fashion: 6 Ways To Pull Off The Pajamas Trend

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With the growing demand for comfort wear, fashion is seeing a shift from body-hugging trends to more casual wear. The pajamas trend caught on a few years back but it’s still a trendy look to this day. We can trace this look to Hugh Hefner who was often spotted in his signature red silk robe when he was out in public. Years later, the pajamas trend has become the hottest look. From celebrities to regular people, anyone can pull off pajamas in public with the right styling. Call it a lazy trend but it takes a lot of guts and style to pull off the pajamas trend. Additionally, it might seem crazy to wear pajamas in public but you’ll be happily surprised once you try it out. There are different kinds of pajamas that you can wear in public. Here are some ways to pull off the pajamas trend.

Add Some Height

If you’re wearing a pajama set, pair it with some heels. This allows the hem to fall in a flattering way as opposed to ruffle up making you look shorter and bulkier. Additionally,  to avoid looking slumped and like you just woke up, a chic pair of heels will add a sophisticated touch which you can rock to a day event or errands. You can opt for a pointed toe heel to give you a streamlined look.

Go For Luxe Fabrics

Pulling off the pajamas trend doesn’t mean you take it literally. You can break it by pairing a pajama top with casual bottoms like jeans. You should also choose chic and luxe fabrics that will complement your look. Heavy cotton pajamas are harder to pull off in public especially as a complete set. Instead, go for silk fabrics as they look less like sleepwear and go well with other fabrics or as a complete set.

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Up Your Makeup Game

The pajamas trend can look plain and boring especially if you opt for solid colours. Therefore, you can make you this look stand out by enhancing your face. This is especially if you’re attending an event or meeting. Go for a bold lip colour to create a perfect balance between bold and casual. 

Turn That Night Gown Into A Kimono

This is one of the easiest ways to pull off the pajamas trend since kimonos are very popular right now. Again, to avoid the lazy look, go for a structured kimono that drapes well. Additionally, pajama gowns with nice prints add a chic touch making them very easy to pull off as kimonos. For this look, you can wear with jeans and a t-shirt or an official dress that will make you dazzle in the boardroom

Play With Proportions

The good thing about the pajamas trend is that it’s comfortable. Most pajamas are made of light material and are loose-fitting. Take advantage of these varying proportions to create a chic look. For instance, you can pair a loose-fitting pajama trouser with a tight top and a blazer. This combination elevates the pajamas trend look.

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Accessorize Appropriately

Make sure your accessories match your outfit. If you’re going for a casual look, keep the accessories to a minimum. You can wear stud earrings and a watch then complete the look with a chic clutch bag. However, the pajamas in public look can also be dressed up with accessories. Gold details toughen up the look if you’re avoiding being too feminine.

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