Letter To My 20 Year Old Self

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Dear Elle,

I am hoping that by the time you understand these words, it won’t be too late. You might be confused as to why I decided to write only now but as you will come to understand – with the help of this letter – life is an adventure and not a destination. Hence, without further ado, allow me to share with you eleven things, I would like you to remember and key highlights that will forever link you and I.

  1. Life is full of contradictions

You are in an age where life is moving in a fast lane. You want to do it all, make it big in life and fulfil all your dreams. However, disappointments keep reminding you that life is not how you make it out to be. You are short of experience and basics in life, even with formal education. What better way to live than through experience, you will opt? However, living will somehow heighten the anxiety and how fast you seem to be approaching your 30s. Which is not at the same speed your big dreams are coming to fruition. This will create an endless cycle of worrying, stress, outbursts and despair.

However, in moments like this know that worrying will not get you to your destination. It will weigh you down in self-pity and hopelessness. What you need is to let go. Let go of life pressures, inhibitions and live one moment at a time. Unlink age with success and break free from your self made timelines. As you will come to realize, life is what happens when we are busy planning.

  1. Friends

You are about to debunk on all the myths you had about friendships. By this fact, you will learn to discern between who matters, who is real and who is not. This will cost you some friendships and heartbreaks. However, don’t fret it. It is bound to happen. Otherwise, you will not grow. Read on why you would rather have less friends in this economy.

  1. Be self-aware

From building your self-esteem to feeding your mind, invest this time building your self-awareness. The more self-aware you are, the more mindful you become of your actions. Being self-aware will not only prevent you from wallowing in peer pressure, but it will also grant you control over important decisions affecting your life.

  1. Outline your success

The key to reaching your goal is having a clear destination. Outline what success means to you and work towards your goals. Doing this will prevent you from being sidetracked and keep you from comparing yourself to others. In this way, you will grow more trust in your abilities and develop the focus you need to achieve your own success.

  1. Worry less
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This might come off as a repetition, but take it as an emphasis. Worrying less will save you a couple of mental disorders and other health issues. You don’t have to find the answers immediately. Once you start a quest of finding what you seek the universe will conspire to present you with what you need. Trust me, you will experience many aha moments from now on than you would like to believe.

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  1. Spend time with yourself

I hope that you are learning to let go of FOMO and spending time with yourself. Pick out books that will help you grow your character and personality. Take up interests and hobbies to grow yourself. You are your own hero in this story called life. Therefore, learn early to dance as if no one’s watching. Someone great said that until you are ready to look foolish, you will never have the opportunity to be great.

  1. Education

Your papers do not define you. You are more than what you imagine. If you want to venture into an interest you’ve been setting aside just do it. Learn other things outside your career. You never know where all your efforts will converge.

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  1. Relationships

Develop relationships, but also take time out to develop yourself. Learn from past mistakes. Admit to guilt and rid yourself of that conscience by fixing the broken pieces. Learn to take responsibility for your actions. Value quality relationships. Start moulding yourself to be a good person. Remember luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. Be the person you would want to meet as your future partner.

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  1. Finances

It all starts with a single commitment and a habit develops. Start saving to finance little goals and gradually you would have developed the discipline to save for big dreams. This is where student loans come in. Work to clear loans as soon as possible. Let this not be the start of debt cycles prompting you to live from hand to mouth in the near future.

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  1. Health

Mind your health. Start healthy practices at this age. You will surely reap the benefits in your 40s towards your 50s.

This is also the time to up your skincare regimen. Wear sunscreen and anti-ageing creams. You’re never too early to take care of your skin.

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  1. All work and no play makes Elle a dull girl

Jump. You might be surprised to realise that you enjoy the fall. Begin from where you are. With your doubts, fears and inhibitions. Freedom will be on the other side of fear.

Yours truly,


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