A Fitness Guide That Fits Your Busy Lifestyle

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So, you’ve come to the realization that gym life isn’t for you. It’s a bit counterproductive to pay thousands only to show up at the gym once or twice a week. However, this doesn’t mean the end of your fitness goals. There are ways you can get in a work out even on a busy schedule. All you need is dedication and a good imagination. Here is a fitness guide that fits your busy lifestyle. 

  • Work Out In The Morning

Working out in the morning is a great way to concur life and take on the day head first. It not only gets your blood pumping but also it affords you a lot of free time to achieve your fitness goals. Make use of the extra minutes you get in the morning to work out.  Additionally, your body is more relaxed in the morning which helps you push your workout to the limit as opposed to working out in the evening when you’re exhausted. 

  • Use Your Lunch Break

Most people don’t realize the real value of a lunch break. That one hour can make a big difference in your fitness journey if utilized to the maximum. Find a gym that’s within your vicinity where you can go to over your lunch break. Alternatively, you can transform an empty office space into your gym room. You just need to download a fitness app or watch YouTube videos on your preferred workout routine. 

  • Workout In Between TV Breaks

You work out better when you’re in a good mood and energized. For some, watching TV helps them unwind after a long day. This is a great time to squeeze in a workout especially if you have other house obligations such as cooking or cleaning. During commercial breaks, you can get in a few minutes of workouts that help achieve your fitness goals.

Man in a suit working out. Image from http://www.trainbodyandmind.com/2011/03/fitness-in-the-office/
  • Pick A Suitable Workout Plan

It would be unrealistic to pick a lengthy or tedious workout pan if you have a busy schedule. There are several workout plans that are both effective and suitable for a busy lifestyle. These workouts are meant to fit perfectly into your 8 to 5 life without getting in the way of your free time. They include routines of around 10 minutes with simple exercises that you can perform at home.

  • Do More Physical Activities

When you don’t have the luxury to go to the gym or even workout at home, you can simply do more physical activities. Instead of taking the lifts, use the stairs. Make physical activity a part of your day so you don’t become unfit. You can set up reminders to remind you to get up and walk around. Additionally, you can get an adjustable desk that allows you to work while standing up.

  • Organize A Workout Date

Working out with a group of friends can be fun. However, most people don’t share the same fitness journey. You can get your friends on board the fitness life by planning workout dates. You can invite them to the gym or for a hike during the weekends. Not only are you getting to work out but also you spend some quality time with your friends. Additionally, it’s better to workout with friends as they are more likely to motivate you.

  • Start A Health & Fitness Culture At Work

It’s easier to workout at work when your colleagues are on board. Your colleagues are more likely to understand the daily demands of the work environment. Since you share the same space, it’s easier to get a willing group. Talk to your colleagues about starting a fitness journey. Make sure you start simply by trying a weight loss challenge then transition to more demanding workouts like jogging.

  • Keep A Food Journal

Tracking your calories can improve your fitness goals. If you can’t work out physically, watch what you eat to avoid gaining too much weight. Regulate your portions by keeping a food journal that monitors your food intake. You can use a food journal app to ensure that you have an accurate calculation.

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