7 Reasons You Should Have A Lawyer In Your Contact List

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There’s an ongoing joke that if you throw a rock in Nairobi, it will hit a photographer, a model or a lawyer. While this makes light of the number of lawyers we have in the country, it’s never been more important to have one in your contact list. The government is quickly digitizing its services which means things will be processed faster including court cases.

Unfortunately, even the pettiest offences can land you on the corridors of justice. Without proper representation, things can go from bad to worse real quick. A lawyer can save you a lot of unnecessary headaches and hassle whether or not you have a court case. Here are some reasons you need a lawyer in your contact list.

Drafting Legal Documents

At one point in life, you’ll require legal documents. One of the most common documents people need include affidavits, sale agreements, wills and contracts. Due to their technical nature, these documents require specialized knowledge to draft them so as to ensure they are admissible in court and cannot be invalidated. For instance, before drafting a contract, you need to ensure the clauses don’t contain anything that is contrary to the law. 

Filing Legal Documents

If you’ve been to a registry before, you know that it’s not the easiest place to be. Without prior experience, prepare yourself for a lot of frustration. Even for lawyers, this is a dreadful place. This is where court files are kept. Therefore, if you need to file any court documents, you will have to go to the registry. Lawyers get preferential treatment here since they are well-acquainted with the people and the place.

Apart from court documents, a lawyer can also help you file other legal documents such as patents, trademarks, articles of association and licenses that might be a bit complicated for the ordinary man to do by himself.

Initiating Law Suits

There are a number of instances where you’ll need to initiate a lawsuit. Whether it a criminal or civil suit, it’s better if you get a lawyer. The likelihood of you making a mistake and having the case thrown out is higher when you represent yourself. However, some cases such as minor traffic offences or misdemeanours don’t require legal representation.

Law books image from https://www.bloemfonteincourant.co.za/two-men-to-appear-in-fs-court-after-fsfarmattack/

Writing A Will

Writing a will is a critical component of preparing for the days when you won’t be around. When it comes to dividing your wealth, things can get messy. Therefore, the state ensures that things are done to par according to the Law Of Succession Act. It’s important to have a lawyer present as you draft your will as they will act as a guide to making a valid will. Upon death, all succession proceedings are heard in court in case there are any objections by the successors. You Are Never Too Young To Write A Will – Why You Should Do It Now

Starting A Business

This is one of the most common reasons someone would hire a lawyer. Starting a business is not as easy as ABC. There are many formalities that must be implemented before you can officially conduct business in Kenya. From business permits to drafting contracts, lawyers help with the legalities of a business to make sure that it’s in line with the government requirements. Additionally, they help you determine whether your business should be a limited liability company or a corporation. 

Conflict Resolution

Your lawyer is like your therapist. They help resolve conflict in your life by exercising their negotiating skills. If you’re caught in a fender bender, a lawyer will know how to talk you out of a court case. Another area that lawyers help in conflict resolution is in divorce. Though they might not be able to reconcile a couple, they ensure that the divorce doesn’t take a messy turn and that both parties get their fair share in the divorce. Marriage: The Financial Burden Of Divorce Part 1


Your lawyer friend could introduce you to a line of powerful networks. Lawyers mingle with influential people as they are the ones who need their services the most. Through these interactions, they form a very powerful and diverse network that consists of various professionals. 

So, keep your friends close and your lawyer closer because you’ll need them one day.

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