8 Bra Hacks Every Girl Should Know And Master

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One of the most annoying and uncomfortable things to wear is a bra. This is usually the first thing a girl removes immediately they get home. Additionally, most girls will tell you if given a choice they would never wear a bra. You might master the art of finding the right size but this is only half the battle. Finding one that goes with every outfit you wear, dealing with a poking underwire and prolonging its use are some of the bra hacks you need to know. Here are some of them.

  1. Sew An Old Bra Into Your Strapless Dress

Showing your bra straps is tacky and a huge pet peeve. It cheapens your outfit and takes away its beauty. However, this might be unavoidable at times. In case your dress doesn’t come with inbuilt padding, make use of old bras. Cut off the straps then sew them into your strapless clothes.

  1. Use Hair Pins To Hold The Bra Straps

Every girl has a couple of hairpins lying around the house. They come in handy when you wear a tank top with a bra. You can easily hide the straps by holding them together using hairpins. It’s effortless and requires minimal skills. Check out this tutorial.

  1. Wash Your Bra Appropriately

It’s recommended that you wash your bras by hand to avoid getting them smashed with other clothes in the washing machine. Be gentle while washing them and avoid wringing them to maintain their shape and prolong their life.

  1. Use A Panty Liner To Cushion An Exposed Underwire

Well, this isn’t a long term solution but it works when you’re in a hurry. If your favourite bra has a poking underwire and you don’t want to give it up just yet, take a little piece of panty liner and fix it on the exposed part. You can go a whole day without the discomfort of a poking underwire.

  1. Store Them Stacked

Don’t fold them or pile them on top of each other. Instead, allocate a drawer where you’ll keep them upright with the cups stacked inside each other. This ensures that your bras maintain their shape. Avoid hanging the bras since it will stretch the straps.

Bras stacked together in a drawer image from https://www.vix.com/en/wellness/527381/it-bad-sleep-bra-or-it-just-myth
  1. Make Your Own Strapless Bra With Convertible Straps

Bras aren’t cheap. Therefore, it can be costly to buy a new bra to suit all your outfit styles. When you go bra shopping, look for the ones with convertible straps as they can transform to any kind you need. Additionally, they have better grip than strapless bras with the help of these convertible straps.

  1. Lay Your Bra Flat After Washing

There’s nothing more annoying than falling straps. Bras are quite delicate and any extra weight will stretch them out. After washing them, lay them on a flat surface until they are dry. Additionally, this can make them shrink thus fitting better.

  1. Rotate Your Bras

Always ensure you have at least 5 bras in your closet. To maintain their elasticity longer, you rotate them every day. Don’t wear a bra for more than 2 days if you want to keep them for long.

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