7 Ways To Reduce The Appearance Of Laugh Lines

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Laugh lines are wrinkles that appear on the corner of your eyes and mouth. They are called so because the common belief is that they appear as a result of laughing. For many, they are nothing to worry about and add character to your face. They may be seen as a sign of joy. However, for others, they are a nuisance and imperfections on the face thus a reason to get rid of them. If you have prominent lines, there’s no harm in minimizing them. Here are ways to reduce the appearance of laugh lines.

  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating brightens the skin thus reducing the appearance of laugh lines. When exfoliating focus on the places where the lines appear. However, be gentle so as to not irritate the skin and cause further damage. Since the areas around the eyes, mouth and nose are quite delicate, use a mild exfoliator and avoid rubbing aggressively.

  1. Exercise Your Face

Your face has muscles that allow you to make facial expressions. Just like any other muscles, without exercise, they wither causing your skin to become loose. There are facial exercises that help tighten these muscles hence preventing the appearance of laugh lines. For instance, smiling can help tighten the muscles around these areas and reduce laugh lines.

Woman smiling image from https://www.lorealparisusa.com/beauty-magazine/skin-care/skin-care-concerns/smile-lines-and-laugh-lines.aspx
  1. Home Remedies

You can restore your skin’s youthful and flawless appearance in the comfort of your home. Additionally, these remedies are inexpensive compared to the pricey products in the market. One of the best home remedies for laugh lines is a papaya/pawpaw mask. Pawpaws are great antioxidants thus preventing discolouration and restoring elasticity in your skin.

  1. Nighttime Moisturizers

Night creams are more effective in reducing laugh lines as they are heavier and you have longer periods for the product to work without any contamination. Invest in good night cream and bump up your nighttime skincare routine for better results. You can boost your skin’s moisture by wearing hydrating masks for 5 to 10 minutes. Check out 5 Amazing Benefits Of Face Masks

  1. Drink Water

While hydrating your skin on the outside, ensure you’re hydrated on the inside. Our skin loses moisture through sweating and without adequate hydration it starts to crack. Drinking lots of water keeps your skin plump, therefore, preventing the appearance of laugh lines. In addition, water keeps your skin hydrated which counters the formation of wrinkles by boosting its elasticity.

  1. Anti-ageing Products

Though laugh lines are not necessarily a result of ageing, they can get worse as you grow old. The skin loses its elasticity resulting in wrinkles. To prevent them from getting worse, use an anti-ageing product. They are specially formulated to boost collagen production in your skin, in turn, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

  1. Wear Concealer

When all else fails, use a little makeup. Concealers are great at hiding the imperfections on your skin. it can be used to fix anything from dark circles to fine lines. So, if you don’t like your laugh lines, you can use a concealer to hide them. Make sure you get the correct shade so as to create a realistic look.

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