10 Things Women Envy About Men

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When I hear my guy friends complain that women have it easy, I simply wonder. How? Yes, we have affordable clothes and shoes available almost everywhere something men never forget to highlight; however, the following facts about men cancel out the perks of second-hand clothing anytime, any day.

  1. No one cares

Men can take off their shirts anywhere, no one cares. Drive shirtless, no one cares. Stroll around in that overrated white vest still, no one cares. I don’t envy men when it comes to the white vest for obvious reasons of course (ladies’ tank tops are dope) but I could use the no one cares privilege from time to time.

  1. Hair and make up

If I were to take back the amount of money I’ve spent on my hair and makeup I could have enough to buy a land somewhere in Gakuyo. Most men don’t need most of the stuff women use. On the bare minimum, one or two personal care products are enough to address all needs. This, of course, excludes the men with long hair or dreads which might require a greater investment than shaving. Nonetheless, women revamp their looks a lot and this transformation doesn’t come cheap. Ask naturalistas, being natural is even more expensive than being made up.

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  1. Minimalism
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Trust a man to wear two or three outfits and they are good to go. They will also look good at that. Cross to the other side of this spectrum and life is never the same anymore. For women minimalism, ranges from a variety of look books, emotional state, the weather to the mood and so on so forth. A man will consider Time, Occasion, Place and that’s just about it.

  1. Short routine

With minimalism also comes the advantage of time. A man doesn’t require 2-3 hours to prepare himself. Especially in the morning. This means that he will have more time on his side. In hindsight, this case of routine and the amount of effort that goes into preparation is a reason why most women do not like impromptu plans and surprises. The psychological torture that goes into getting ready for last-minute plans is as good as not making it to the appointment altogether.

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  1. Shaving legs

Men do not have to shave legs or even most parts of their body. Clean, unkempt underarm hair is just an example. Instead of looking unhygienic and ill groomed, it doesn’t even rouse any attention. Try this as a woman and you certainly look as if you hail from neanderthals. This is how you prevent spots on your legs after shaving.

  1. Giving birth and having periods

Being mother nature is all fun and excellent but men do not have to go through what it takes. Especially menstrual periods. The investment this takes could finance a person’s life since birth to adulthood. Don’t even get me started on the hormonal/emotional turmoil this process subjects women to.

Men don’t go through gestation periods either. Neither do they experience the pain of giving birth. If only roles could be reversed.

  1. No complexities

Shopping for products is simple. A man doesn’t face overchoice in almost every aspects of his life. Well except in relationships/dating. Otherwise, every other thing is straightforward and simple.

In terms of fashion, you will never have to wonder how did a man get into an outfit. Clean cut jeans, a polo t-shirt, an individual touch and that passes for a signature look. Have you met the men in shorts and loafers?

  1. Loafers
Man wearing loafers image from https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-loafers-in-black-faux-suede-with-snaffle-detail/prd/7735869

One of the most underrated men’s shoe ever is the loafer. There’s just something that oozes sophistication and class when a man knows how to pair a loafer with the right outfit? I won’t add nice legs to the mix, otherwise, I risk coming off as objectifying.

  1. Strength & age

Most men are physically strong. They can lift almost anything and are generally good with handiwork. They are also viewed as strong which gives them a sense of security and safety as compared to women. Men also don’t exhibit signs of ageing as fast as women do. However, ageing signs are relative and they depend on how well one minds their skin.

  1. Social perspective

Men generally hold upper ranks in the society and they do not have to prove themselves twice as much as their female counterparts. Narrowing down to issues like gender stereotypes, gender-based violence, femicide, sexism, mansplaining, rape; more often than not, men do not make the bigger percentage of those found in these marginalized groups.

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