Beauty: 4 Celebrity Skincare Routines You Should Try

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Watching celebrity skincare routines has become a hobby for me. It’s so satisfying and you get a glimpse at how they achieve their flawless skin despite their busy schedule. Most of the skincare routines vary depending on their skin type and time of day. Nighttime routines are more complex and thorough compared to morning routines. However, they each play an important role in giving you healthy, glowing skin. Here are some celebrity skincare routines you should try.

Kourtney Kardashian

If you’re curious how the oldest Kardashian sibling keeps her skin looking vibrant and youthful, the secret is in her amazing skincare routine. Kourtney’s routine involves a lot of masking to hydrate her skin giving her dewy glow. She also uses natural ingredients like honey, which is known to be a great antioxidant, in her routine. One of her biggest emphasis is to use clean beauty products meaning she only uses products that are safe for the environment and in turn, safe for her skin. Apart from face masks, Kourtney is also a big fan of lip scrubs. Once she’s done, she hydrates her skin with a hyaluronic serum, face mist, oil and finishes off with sunscreen.

Jackie Aina

The bubbly celebrity makeup artist demonstrates that beauty is actually skin deep. For makeup to look flawless, you have to have a smooth canvas. In her words, “good skin is good health.” She begins by removing her makeup and suggests that instead of ripping your false lashes off, use micellar water to loosen up the glue. After that, she uses a cleansing oil as a pre-cleanser. Since she has acne-prone skin, she uses gel-based cleansers as they are more gentle on the skin. To ensure that all her makeup is off, she wipes her face using micellar water and some cotton pad. This routine mostly works for people who wear heavy makeup as the buildup can cause breakouts. Lastly, she uses a chemical exfoliator then hydrates her skin using a toner. Product Review: Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water

Miranda Kerr

Miranda is a famous supermodel. She is most known for walking Victoria’s Secret runway for years. She starts off her skincare routine is a rather different way. Since she’s a model, it’s important for her to take care of not just her face but also her body. She dry scrubs her body before going to the shower, then moisturizes before starting on her face. She uses a foaming cleanser to clean her face, spritz her face with an energizing citrus mist, eye oil and a day cream mixed with face oil. She’s very meticulous about the brands as she only uses one skincare brand for all her products.

Imaan Hammam

Another successful model, Imaan is known for graceful and natural beauty. However, as she demonstrates in this video, it doesn’t come easy. She starts off by mixing face oil and face cream then applying it. She then massages her face using a metal face massager to boost blood circulation. Her next step is the eye cream which helps get rid of dark circles under her eyes. Finally, she moisturizes with a Vitamin C infused face cream.

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