5 Financial Lessons We Can Learn From Manu Chandaria

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Manu Chandaria is one of the wealthiest people in Kenya. He has a line of successful businesses under the parent company, Chandaria Industries. Additionally, he’s been in the entrepreneurial world for a very long time resulting to him being a household name, literally. During an interview with K24’s Betty Kyallo, Manu Chandaria invited Kenyans into his daily life and we were all pleasantly surprised. The business mogul shared tips on both his private and work-life that every Kenyans can learn from. Here are some financial lessons we can learn from Manu Chandaria.

  1. Simplicity Works In Your Favour

You’d think a multi-billionaire like Manu Chandaria would live the most lavish life. After all, he can afford it. However, he is as simple as they get by any standards. He doesn’t drive a fuel guzzler or dine at the most expensive hotels every night. His wardrobe was the biggest shocker as he only owns 5 suits a few jackets and shirts. His shoe collection is equally as modest. You’d easily mistake his wardrobe for one of his workers’ wardrobe because it doesn’t contain any luxurious items. This was on purpose to avoid creating a spendthrift culture and instead, use his finances wisely.

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  1. Form Healthy Habits

Right after catching up on his emails, Manu Chandaria starts off the day with a simple and healthy breakfast. He cut off caffeine except for the occasional cup of coffee and only drinks fresh juices with some fruits. While many stack their fridges with bacon, sausages and other processed foods, this billionaire knows the value of good, healthy food. He follows this up with a series of exercises that help him remain flexible thus more productive. In his old age of 90 years, he still maintains an active lifestyle which he attributes to forming healthy habits.

Manu Chandaria giving a talk image from http://bit.ly/2YyfFwO
  1. Time Is Money

Like many successful people, Manu Chandaria has a strict schedule. However, he goes an extra step to make a timetable of the day’s activities. His workday starts as early as 6 am and can go up to 9 pm. Until then, he has every activity planned out and allocated a time slot.  This ensures that his day is well spent without wasting any minute because time is money.

  1. Charity Begins At Home

Your first responsibilities are your family’s needs. Therefore, you can’t start building a business when your home is disorganized. Manu Chandaria knows the value of a happy wife and credits his 64 years of marriage to mutual respect, understanding and a giving heart. One of the most notable things he said during the interview was “the more you give, the more you get.” You shouldn’t be afraid to invest in those who are close to you whether or not you get anything in return.

  1. Stay Hungry

Never feel like you’ve done enough. As humans, we have a constant yearning to do more. Use this desire to fuel your drive to success and financial freedom. For him, he never stops wanting to create more despite being one of the richest people in the country. this is what has brought him that far and continues to push him every day. Entrepreneurship: 7 Lessons We Can Learn From How Indians Do Business


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