We Live In A World That Encourages Excessive Spending & Discourages Savings – We Need To Get Out Of That Mindset

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If I was to be the C.S of Education, I’d make sure a savings culture would be incorporated into the syllabus. Instead of titrating chemicals you will never cross paths with, maybe a four-year course on finances would enable the youth of today to stop making bad money decisions with their money. You only live once was a slogan that came to mess us up because truth is, you live every day, you die once.

There are young single working 22-28 year olds in lucrative positions trying to build the life they want. With minimal responsibilities and an okay paycheque, it is quite easy to ensure that you save a percentage of your salary. Delayed gratification is a foreign concept for most millennials. It could probably be the reason why impulse buying is a common practice for the youth today. Considering the influencer content currently running on social media, it is extremely easy to find yourself purchasing a crazy amount of products that you didn’t even know of their existence until then. Then probably regretting your decision two weeks into your purchase. If you suffer from impulse buying, you could start learning to really think about your purchases and ask yourself whether you really need that item and what beneficial item you would instead buy with that money or perhaps put it in a savings account. Finances: 8 Reasons Why You Need To Do A Lifestyle Audit On Yourself

Kenya is known as a drinking nation. Revellers are known to pass by their local to get mbili baridi before going home. Well, most millennials have taken a shift from this culture and introduced a party system. Most of us know of events or popular DJs playing in different high-end clubs on different days. There’s always a plan every single night and FOMO is real therefore most of the youth end up in these clubs spending thousands of shillings every day on costs that could be avoided. International artists thrive in Kenya because they are aware that their die-hard fans will spend their last coins to see their performances which are mostly disappointingly mediocre.  4 Tips To Ensure That FOMO Does Not Rule Your Life

Social media has probably done more harm than getting good in my opinion. While healthy competition is good, there is another level of competition that is not healthy. There are everyday battles of who has designer dresses, who has a classier apartment and simply put, who is better at spending money at things that probably don’t even matter.

Comparison is emotive. Seeing your agemates or worse, your friends attend all these posh events or celebrities spend your rent money on a pair of shoes is draining. There is a certain lifestyle that is being sold to us that makes us want to keep up. You want to buy the latest iPhone as soon as it’s released into the market, you want to get Fenty products, make your hair at luxurious salons and have dinner every day at upmarket restaurants. The pressure is excessive and unhealthy. You do not need to bend over backwards to maintain a lifestyle you cannot afford. Relationships: Why You Would Rather Have Fewer Friends In This Economy

The culture of borrowing and receiving loans with a simple app on your phone has also negated the saving culture. From apps like Branch and Tala to Safaricom’s Fuliza, millennials see no use in saving as these apps really come through during emergencies. They are convenient and extremely fast needing zero hustle to get money. They have unimaginably created a mindset to the youth that they really don’t have to save as they can always borrow money when they want to. Finances: Borrowing In Joy But Payback In Sorrow – Why You Need To Work On Clearing Your Debts

Money requires discipline. There are quite a number of ways to ensure you save religiously. Do not squander your salary in less than two weeks. Indulge in cheap merry-making thrills, find alternatives to enjoy yourself, they exist. Learn about finances and start saving while you are still young. You won’t regret it. Money: 8 Personal Finance Tips That Will Transform Your Life

Money Matters: Why You Need To Be More Intentional With Your Personal Finances

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