Avoid Monotony In Your Daily Life Using These 6 Simple Steps

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You probably live at work and visit your home sometimes. There’s a setup routine that you follow religiously. We all agree routines are good. They offer stability and ensure that everything we need to do is set in place. They also simplify and prevent chaos.

Routines are fundamentally necessary for the modern world. Without them, it would be complicated to navigate our responsibilities. That being said, monotony thrives in routine. Doing the same thing over and over and knowing you can simply predict how your next one month is going to look like is practically unnerving. Here are some few ways to spice up your day and prevent monotony from your life.

1. Change Your Schedule

If you work an 8-5, it is automatic that you wake up a certain time, get the bus or drive to work then fight the horrendous traffic before getting home and staring at your TV and Smartphone screens forever. One of the simple ways to change your schedule without interrupting your work is eating when you are hungry. Instead of walking right out of your seat immediately the clock strikes one, listen to your body.

Most of the time, we do things just because we have been doing them for a long period of time. Especially if you are embarking on a weight loss journey, this is the first step to killing two birds with one stone. If you buy food immediately after you get home, try something new today. Lookup a recipe for your favourite meal. You may come to realize that you actually love cooking!

If you exercise in the morning, try changing it up to evenings and while at it incorporate new workouts. Use a different route when driving back home. With the advent of technology, you could use Google Maps as a source for your short ‘road trip’. It may sound minute but simple steps to change how you do things goes a long way. No Gym, No Problem: Try These Easy Home Workouts

2. Do A House Makeover

Remember those days back then when hearing your mum blast loud gospel music on a Saturday morning meant general house cleaning for everybody that left the house sparkling? Maybe you should follow her footsteps. When was the last time you changed up your furniture placement?

Regardless of how big or small your apartment is, you can always come up with creative ideas to makeover your house. While at it, grab some awesome ideas from Pinterest and the Internet generally. You will realize that by doing this, you not only toy around with your creativity but also declutter the mess and the unnecessary items you have hoarded long enough. Coming home to a different feel of your house will make you feel comfortable and rid the monotony of having to see the same design idea forever. Lifestyle: Using Fabric To Bring Colour To Your Home

3. Date Nights

You have probably wanted to visit a restaurant that was recently opened up but you keep on convincing yourself that you don’t have time. Instead of staying indoors all weekend and feeding yourself leftover whiskey and boiled noodles, you could dress up, look good and order an Uber. You need to learn to take care of yourself. There’s no written rule that you only go for dates with someone who is romantically interested in you. Take yourself out! It does something for your relationship with yourself and beats the monotony out of your life. You might also decide to treat yourself to a massage or a Mani-Pedi with your bestie. Relationships: 5 Date Night Ideas To Try Out

4. Hobbies

Considering how this adulting life is set up, there is barely time to do what you love especially if your speciality at work is not something you enjoy. That being said, you shouldn’t succumb to this plain and boring life. If you love painting, have canvases or sketchbooks where you can be creative in the office or at home.

If you would one day love to publish your bestseller, start writing on your job computer whenever you have free time. Do not put off your dreams to a later date! There will never be a perfect time to explore things you have already fallen in love with. There are a million and one YouTube tutorials that teach you simple hacks to enable you to start knitting, drawing, producing and anything you want to indulge in. Get your mind off work and school. You need it. Relishing in the things you naturally love doing brings back excitement into your life.

5. Play

Yes! Who said play is just for the kids? Our bodies also need to play to prevent us from falling into that deep black hole. There are a number of activities including board games like chess, card games, indoor table tennis, crossword puzzles among others. Entertainment: 5 Games That Help Improve Your Brain Function

If you prefer outdoor activities, Nairobi has numerous recreational facilities to suit your desires. Countless malls have areas where both kids and adults can play and relax their minds. This is especially convenient if you have kids and you want to spend time with them – here are Fun places to hang out with your kids in Nairobi. You could also go for boat riding at Uhuru Park, hiking and bike riding at Karura or simply have a picnic at Arboretum and play soccer while at it. Their prices are extremely pocket-friendly and therefore this shouldn’t limit you. 8 Benefits For Playing Chess

6. Travel

In the economy we are in, vacations have become something we only dream about. Well, have you been thinking about visiting your parents back home? Maybe you shouldn’t wait for the holidays to go there.

We are trying to demystify monotony anyway, aren’t we? Especially if your rural home is not too far from the city, you could take a weekend off. Carry a book to read and let the fresh air of the gorgeous upcountry fill your lungs. I am sure your eyes need to see the meticulous beauty of the vegetation and the meandering hills and valleys. The city life is laboured with monotony.

Try as much as possible not to be too caught up in the monotony of city life. You deserve to enjoy life and all that it has to offer.  Never forget, being completely present in everything you do is the best gift to yourself.

If monotony is an issue for your employees, this article might be of help 6 Ways Employees Can Create A Fun Work Environment

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