Travel: Awesome Packing Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Everybody would like to be able to travel light. It is manageable, makes you feel confident, in control and less overwhelmed as you cruise through the day. On the other hand, instead of feeling like a world-class traveller, travelling with multiple bags can make you feel disorganized, overwhelmed, out of place and worse give you anxiety as you try not to leave any baggage behind. But how can you escape the drawbacks of overpacking if everything including; clothes, shoes, toiletries, makeup and other miscellaneous items, seem useful in the timeline that you will be away? The following list gives you the answer by illustrating amazing packing hacks that will make your life easier as well as transform your outlook on packing and travelling. 14 reasons while you should travel.

  • Bags & suitcase hacks

Consider the weight

The next time you go shopping for a suitcase invest in one that weighs less. A lighter suitcase can make all the difference when trying to avoid airline weight restrictions.

Consider gravity

This might seem obvious, however, sometimes when we pack, we forget that the wheels of the suitcase/bag are the ones that end up on the ground, especially when we’re walking. By this fact always remember to pack heavier/bulkier items at the bottom or closer to the wheels and light items at the top. This will prevent delicate items from being destroyed and also help you maximize space. Here are 8 things to consider when buying a travel bag. 

Travel smart

If ever you feel that you might need a piece or two of heavy clothes – yet your goal is to travel light – wear the bulky items. Although it might inconvenience you, especially if the weather doesn’t agree, you still get to save space when taking a small carry-on bag.

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  • Different accessories/clothes items
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Packing hats can be unmanageable as they take up too much space. However, if you stuff the hat with soft items like socks, innerwear, and muffs you will not have to worry about limited space as well as the hat losing its shape.


Another clothing item that can lose its shape easily is a bra. To counter this, fold your underwear then put them in the bra cup. 8 Bra Hacks Every Girl Should Know And Master

Dirty clothes

Bring along a mesh bag or canvas bag to separate your dirty clothes from the clean ones.


A sarong is very versatile and that is why you should never forget to pack one when you’re travelling.  You can use a sarong as a cover-up at the beach, you can opt to use it as a light blanket or even as a wrap when visiting temples, churches and dusty places. In case you don’t have one yet, a shawl/leso can be a substitute. As you can guess, having a sarong or shawl will save you from packing scarves, jackets or wraps hence saving you more space.

  • Jewellery

Necklace in a straw

Wondering how to keep your necklace tangle-free and without those tiny knots? Put it in a straw. All you have to do is cut the straw according to the length of your chain then, put the chain inside the straw and hook at the end to keep it in place.

Pill/mint case for earrings

Don’t throw away your pill or orbit mint case. Rather, use it to put earrings, rings and chains.

Leverage hacks

Instead of packing multiple items, leverage hacks to minimize baggage. For instance, a conditioner can be used as a makeup remover, shaving cream and shoe polish.

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Other useful tips

  • Delicate items


Before you pack glass items, put them in a woven sock, pantyhose or leg warmers for added protection use this hack to cushion your perfume if ever you’re bringing your favourite bottle along.


Do not risk breaking your charger cords by throwing them haphazardly in your travelling bag. A good solution for this would be to use a makeup bag to keep them in one place and separated from your clothes.


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Use a Ziploc/cloth bag to keep all liquids in one place. From your cleansers to your foundation and other solutions or creams. Keeping them in one place will save you time at the security check.


In case you feel the need to bring your own soap, fold it in a washcloth to avoid getting it on your clothes and other items.

Label it

Write “fragile” in English and the active language of where you are travelling to, for extra precaution.


You never know what happens and sometimes you might end up in a place that seems a little rough around the edges. You will rejoice for having that pillowcase. In the same note always remember to carry a disinfectant.


If you’re under medication don’t forget to bring along your pills. Otherwise, don’t forget to bring painkillers as they come in handy when travelling. However, before packing your prescribed or non prescribed medication, confirm if they’re allowed in the country you’re visiting. Also carry the documentation for it, lest you end up in trouble.

Bring a pen

The last thing you want is to wait for someone to finish so that you can borrow their pen. Therefore, when travelling abroad remember to bring a pen or two, as you will need it to fill customs and immigration forms.  In the same spirit, do not give out your pen. Even if you do, remember to get it back.

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