Plus Size Women – Fundamental Ways To Dress Your Size

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For a long period of time, plus-sized women were not included in the fashion party. But not anymore. Nothing gives me pleasure like logging in to my Instagram and finding plus-sized women dressed to kill.

There are many ways to accentuate your body shape and size so don’t ever feel the need to stick to a certain monotonous pattern. Being plus size does not in any way mean putting on boring fits. That’s an archaic way of thinking. Here are some tips and tricks just for you. Start with Fashion tips for curvy girls

1. Daily Dose Of Confidence.


Have you ever met a dazzling woman who holds her head high and no train of negativity can bring her down? That woman should be you. There is a certain glow that comes forth with embracing and loving your body. Society will always have its own standards of beauty. That should not in any way hold you back from loving yourself. You are beautiful just the way you are and you should appreciate your curves.

2. Put Your Money On Undergarments

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A while back, KOT had a heated argument when a girl said she spends approximately 15,000 on her bras. Yeah, that’s for each. Although most of us would simply be put off by the idea of buying such expensive underwear, there is power in extremely good bras and panties. They often do not come cheap.

Quality undergarments make sure everything stays in place thus preventing unnecessary folds that didn’t exist in the first place. If you are plus size, you understand the horror of wearing a bra which does not hold your boobs in place. It is quite annoying having to tell the twins to maintain their sitting positions.

3. Refuse to Be Boring


Just because you feel that you have excess rolls and curves does not mean you should wear boring clothes. Throw away all those plain T-shirts and pants that would fit you perfectly. Learning your body also means trying out new fashion ideas. Do not put on clothes that are twice your size, they only make your bigger, they don’t hide anything. Go to the internet and look for trends in the fashion industry. Get that pink body con, if it fits perfectly. Fashion: 7 Ways To Wear A Bodycon Dress

4. Tailor Made Clothes Are The Bomb


We all know the stories of our infamous Kenyan tailors. You need to order your dress three months before you will need to wear it and don’t forget to pass by there every day as you wait for Mama Mboga to finish with your veggies. Also their unsolicited opinions about how that slit is too far up and you should reconsider are quite annoying. However, having a talented tailor bring into life that idea you have been toying with is nearly next to perfect. Make sure your measurements are exact and your tailor has heard exactly what you want. You are about to slay us on social media and we are not ready. Making Sure That Custom Kitenge Does Not Disappoint You

5. Be Fearless, Be Bold


We always fighting with my mother about my cleavage but the V-line plunge in dresses and tops takes away attention from other parts of the body including the tummy and the love handles. Put on the crop tops, the thigh-high slit dress, and the colourful jumpsuits. Play around with different sizes. Remember brands do not share the same sizes and it would do you good if you’re sure you have not missed a perfect fit. Fashion: how to find the right jumpsuit for your body type

6. Swimwear

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Going for vacations and your curves are giving you anxiety? Well, worry no more. There are a million and one fantastic ways to style up your swimsuits. I have heard a lot of plus-sized girls say they cannot wear a two-piece swimsuit. I disagree. Again, it all comes down to learning your size perfectly. There are many stores that are waiting to lend you a listening ear and make your vacation a fantastic stress free period. Pairing these with sexy kimonos will have everyone asking “Kwani shawry ni wewe.” Fashion: 8 Beautiful Swimsuits For Every Body Type

Someone once told me, on your worst day, dress your best. It goes a long way. I believe your curves are actually an added advantage as you can pull up looks that are simply drop-dead gorgeous. Always remember to wear an outfit that will have you staring at the store windows as you walk by the streets and make you want to have a personal photographer. That’s ultimately what matters.

Here are a few other tips from Buzzfeed you can use to look fabulous – 14 Amazing Styling Tips For Curvy Girls

Here are our Fashion tips for curvy girls

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