Relationships: 5 Warning Signs That Your Man Could Be Cheating

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Let me get straight to the point and just put it out there, if you are currently having second thoughts about your man’s faithfulness or if your intuition is telling you something is wrong, you could be right.

Like many women, you might overthink things once in a while and your delusional self may draw conclusions that your significant other is playing games yet nothing is even going on. Here are five warning signs that your man could be cheating.

1. Distance

If your man suddenly starts acting distant and does not get excited at the sound of your voice anymore something might be wrong. If he stops calling you as he used to and blue ticks your messages, honey something is definitely wrong. You may need to confirm that he is not stressed because of something at work or at home before you jump into any conclusions. I know the honeymoon period does not last forever but this is not rocket science. You can tell a man who is in love from a distance. He is usually all about you, that’s it.

2. Passwords

Ever walked into a room unexpectedly and seen horror written all over your man’s face? It could be a split second before he camouflages the anxiety and goes ahead to overdo his greetings. Acting jumpy around his phone and suddenly having passwords on his gadgets are signs of a cheating man.

3. Late Night Meetings

If you live together and he starts going to late-night meetings out of the blue. If his boss wants him to stay after working hours four times a week and gets home at really weird hours of the night, he might be cheating on you. No boss wants to overwork his employee especially if he values his input at the workplace. He could be using this excuse to meet up with his other side chick, or whatever you want to call her or him.

4. Suspicious Items

Do you find weird things in his shirt or jeans pockets? A jewellery store receipt yet you never received any expensive necklace? A thank you card from a restaurant he’s never taken you to? It might be something as simple as a lipstick stain which he might have told you about before you even found out. “So many girls in the office wear makeup and hugging them just stains your clothes.” New cologne or a different haircut are also subtle hints that might be a hint that something’s going on.

5. Excuses

Trash last-minute excuses are the worst. If your man keeps on flaking on you last minute every single time you decide to meet up. If he doesn’t have any concrete excuse and just keeps on promising to make it up to you, something fishy is going on. If you see him posting on his social media, partying quite a lot and he barely has time for you, maybe it’s time to put two and two together.

Men can be quite convincing and manipulative. If your man catches on to your doubts, he may try his level best to impress you. Remember your gut feeling is important and is rarely wrong. If it is trying to tell you something, listen carefully. Here are 5 Reasons Why Women Cheat

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