Business: How To Leverage Conference Call Services For Productivity


Productivity is a top concern for any business. The more productive your team is, the more you’ll get done during the day, and the higher your sales numbers will be. There are many tools available that can help boost your team’s productivity, from apps and software to conference calling services. How do conference services help with productivity? We’re glad you asked! Here’s how to leverage conference call services to increase your team’s productivity.

More Organized Meetings

If you’ve ever attended an unorganized meeting, you know exactly how quickly it can spiral into chaos. When side conversations arise, the meeting quickly derails into a verbal slug-fest about who’s got the better football team or whether or not Becky from accounting is coming back to work. These types of conversations serve to distract and frustrate, but can be avoided via better organization.

Conference call services provide an easy to use platform to host calls from anywhere in the world, with tools such as screen and document sharing, so everyone stays up to date with the latest information. You can also control who joins or leaves the call, so if someone is being disruptive, well…that’s what the red phone icon is for.

Avoiding unwanted participants starts with a well-reviewed guest list, however. You should pay close attention to who you invite to conference calls, ensuring that the participants actually have knowledge and insight into the topic at hand. If not, they probably shouldn’t be invited, or else they could quickly become a distraction and derail the call completely. Cutting the guest list is the easiest way to host more productive calls and keep the call on course to finish on time.

Better Sales Pitches

Traveling to clients can be exhausting, not to mention expensive. Conference calls can have the same effect as an in-person visit, especially if your provider offers video conferencing as a feature of your conference call service. This will allow you to connect face-to-face with clients, even if you’re halfway across the country.

Not having to travel can allow you to meet with several clients per day via a digital medium, and since you’re paying for the service, the meeting won’t cost them anything to attend. Everyone saves time and money, which is something you can both appreciate.

You won’t have to worry about forgetting important materials for your presentation either since you’ll be conducting your sales pitch from the comfort of your own office or even your home. Everything you need for an excellent presentation will be at your fingertips.

Recording Calls

If you’re looking to increase the productivity of future conference calls, many services offer an option to record the call for later review. The recorded calls will be stored in your account, but there will likely be a limit to the amount of storage you’ll have access to. Check with your provider to see if you’re able to download your archived calls to your own storage device to save room.

Reviewing recorded calls can help you decide how to better plan, structure, and conduct your calls in the future. Maybe you noticed the team spiralling into side conversations because Jim kept bringing up Sunday night football, or perhaps there wasn’t a strict enough time limit on discussion points, and they kept running over. Whatever the case may be, reviewing past calls is the best way to increase productivity in the future.

Training and Interviewing

 What if you could interview and train candidates without ever having to leave your desk? You can! Conference calling services can serve many more purposes than simply conducting staff meetings or sales pitches. A conference call can be a great way to increase the efficiency of your interview process, and even help you train new candidates from the comfort of your office.

With screen sharing tools, document sharing, and video conferencing, you have everything you need at your disposal to hire qualified candidates and begin training them. You can video interview to get a better idea of who you’re speaking with, and send training materials via document sharing to get them started with your company.

Streamlining the interview process means you spend less time pouring over applications and speaking to potential candidates, so you can get back to running the business effectively. Let’s be honest, hiring is stressful, and any tools that can make it less so are a must-have for any size business.

Cutting Costs

By streamlining your conference calls with a conference service, you’ll help cut the cost of those meetings and save the company money. Your participants will still be on the clock during a meeting, so the shorter the meeting, the less it will cost the business per person.

Not to mention, traditional landlines can be quite costly when you’re racking up those long-distance and multi-caller charges with your conference calls. If you have remote clients or team members in different countries, a web-based conference service is your best bet for keeping costs low and productivity high.


 Conference calling services have come a long way during their evolution, including new tools and features to help you make the most of your calls. Increasing efficiency, connectivity, and productivity make conference calling services one of the best investments a business of any size can make. Don’t settle for landline services when you can have a versatile and feature-rich tool like web-based conference calling.

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