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There’s a broad range of skincare products out there. Each factors a particular skin type or addresses a specific issue. This is why it is important to know your skin type first, before splurging on any skincare products. Furthermore, options exist because no one product can match the needs of everyone.

I stumbled on the Nivea Mattifying Toner when I was looking for a toner that would address my skin problem. I have oily skin, which tends to accumulate dirt and oils in the pores, leading to a breakout. Since I was looking for a deep cleanse toner, Nivea’s Mattifying Toner – meant for oily to combination skin – did seem like it would meet my needs. But before we discuss its use, let’s first look at what exactly is a toner and what it’s meant to do for your skin.

What is a toner

Toner acts as a deep cleanser and it helps remove dirt, excess oil as well as hydrate the skin. It balances the skin’s pH and this helps in preventing future breakouts. It can also be used as a face mist to rejuvenate and revive your skin for that fresh feel. A toner is meant to facilitate the absorption of other products as well as address issues like acne by having ingredients like salicylic acid.

Unlike traditional toners, which contained alcohol, some modern-day toners are infused with ingredients that promote anti-ageing. Always keep in mind that toning marks the last step of your cleansing process and the beginning of your hydrating process.

Here are the benefits of using toner in your skincare routine.

The Nivea Mattifying Toner is said to reduce excess sebum and moisturize the skin. From my experience, I can attest that the toner does moisturize. It is also effective in getting rid of dirt than normal soap. This can be seen on the cotton pads, after use. However, in terms of mattifying, there’s not much of a difference between before and after use. But as I would find out later, this can be attributed to some of the humectants present in the toner.

The Nivea Mattifying Toner cap protects against contamination by fingers.


The Nivea Mattifying Toner packs plenty of essential ingredients, including Hydra IQ, Ocean algae and humectants. Humectants are good for drawing in moisture into the skin resulting in a smooth, moisturized and youthful look. However, if the environment is dry, humectants can also pull the moisture from the skin and onto themselves, leaving the skin dry.

A 200ml of the Dermatologically approved Nivea Mattifying Toner.

But considering this is a mattifying toner that wouldn’t be an issue. Especially if the application is done on the T-zone where it gets excessively oily. Although it’s worth noting that the toner doesn’t feel drying at all.

The aforementioned ingredients which are designed to penetrate the skin more effectively include ocean algae (an antioxidant, which helps revitalize the skin) and hydra IQ which balances skin moisture and reduces water loss.


For effective use, gently massage the toner into the skin with a cotton pad. I apply the toner in the morning and at night after I’ve cleansed my skin. Usually, I soak the cotton pad in the toner then wipe gently from the forehead down to the neck. I then spread the toner over the face giving it that deep cleansing effect. I wait for the toner to dry, then follow with a serum.  Check out the nighttime skincare routine for oily and acne-prone skin. Do not rinse out the toner.

Avoid the eye area as the toner can cause irritation. This toner is good for sensitive skin, getting rid of blackheads as well as curbing large pores.

Where to buy

You can find the Nivea Mattifying Toner in supermarkets or online. I bought mine from Naivas supermarket in Nairobi at Ksh 700 only. The price might seem a bit on the upside but it is definitely worth it, considering that you get 200ml of the liquid. Now, this might seem little, but it is a lot since you only need 3-5 drops per use.

Overall rating

Price 4/5

Quantity 4/5

Quality 4/5

Packaging 3/5.

I would’ve preferred a mist spray applicator. A spritz/spray applicator helps you regulate and also avoid spillage, which tends to happen if you don’t place the cotton pad against the opening tightly. A spray applicator also gives you the benefit of using the toner as a setting spray or as a face mist when you need to refresh your face.

Overall, does it do what it is supposed to? Yes. But if you’re looking for a toner that will get rid of acne, consider one that contains salicylic acid or beta-hydroxide acid. The Nivea Mattifying Toner doesn’t, although it contains Caprylic glycol, which is an anti-microbial.

Always watch out for these ingredients in your beauty products.

Additional tip

If you have oily to combination skin, a toner is a must-have in your skincare regimen. “Moreover, it is best to invest in effective skincare products than rely on makeup to cover up imperfections,” Formulyst.

Also, know that you do not have to splurge on skincare products if you already know about these skincare ingredients, which you can get in your kitchen.

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