Fragrances: How To Apply Perfume Correctly


Have you ever worn your favourite bottle of perfume only to smell musty and sweaty even before the day ends? Or yet like the perfume but months later, hate how overwhelming it feels. Well for starters if you sweat a lot that’s an indication that you should avoid some foods, seek medical treatment or simply change your choice of fabrics to breathable ones like cotton. Aside from that, it is also best to know how to apply perfume correctly, especially if your body perspires a lot. The following ways highlight how to apply perfume correctly and some hacks which can keep that scent lingering for longer.

  1. Pay attention to notes

When choosing a fragrance pay attention to the top notes, the heart notes and the base notes. The top notes are generally accentuated and that’s what you smell once you get near a spray bottle. They are usually floral, citric, aquatic or fruity. However, they wear off quickly that’s why it’s important to check the bottom notes.  Heart notes describe the scent that develops after the top notes evaporate.

The bottom notes are usually wood or natural smells and they linger the longest. Therefore, to know the true scent of a perfume, spray a little at the back of your wrist, let it sit for 20 minutes then smell the perfume again to find out if you like base notes of that perfume. How to smell good throughout the day

  1. Target areas

Apply perfume on your pulse points. That is on your neck, collarbone, inside your elbows, behind your knees, calves, on your midriff, your wrists and on your ankles. This is where the skin is thinnest, there is more heat and blood vessels are close to the skin making your pores susceptible to absorb the perfume better. Just don’t apply the fragrance on all the pulse points. Pick areas where you are likely not to sweat a lot. Otherwise, your sweat will mix with the perfume resulting in a musty odour instead of keeping you fresh as you hoped for. Do not apply perfume under your armpits either, rather use antiperspirants to block the sweat ducts.

Against common belief, let the perfume dry without rubbing it to avoid messing up the molecules. Rubbing also forces the top notes to disappear lessening the effect of the perfume.

  1. Know your personality scent

Knowing your body chemistry goes a long way in helping you choose a personal scent. Here’s how to find your scent personality. Nonetheless, once you establish that, try using a bathing soap or a body wash that is either unscented, has a mild scent or one with a fragrance that matches your perfume notes. This is to avoid clashing the scents which can change the course of your overall smell. The secret is sticking to the same notes to achieve that signature scent.

  1. Know your stuff

Familiarise yourself with the fragrance terms and their potencies. From body splash, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, cologne and other fragrance oils. This is will help you in finding the scent that you’re looking for.

  1. Leverage hacks and tricks

Fragrance hacks and correct application can help you stay fresh as well as help you attain that signature scent. Here are some of the hacks that will keep you smelling good all day/night depending on when you use the perfume.

  • A warm bath is always good to open up your pores.
  • For a mystic scent, learn to layer perfumes. Apply the stronger scent first then follow with a lighter scent.
  • Spray the perfume 5-7 inches away from your pulse points rather than walking in a mist. This is to avoid getting the perfume on your hair, which can dry the hair out. However if you want to get the fragrance on your hair/wig, spray the perfume on a brush first, then run it through your hair. Apply a conditioner first to make the scent stay on.
  • Line your drawers with paper then spray your favourite fragrance to keep your clothes smelling better.
  • Add a little of the fragrance in your lotion, creams or body oils. This is also a form of layering and it helps the scent linger longer.
  • Tuck a scented soap in your wardrobe to give your clothes that light and fresh scent.
  • Factor in three key things when applying perfume; occasion, the strength of your perfume and how long it will take before you retouch.
  • You don’t have to wear one perfume. Night perfume varies from day perfume. Your mood and feelings may also vary at different times.
  • Bright yellows and oranges are generally daytime fragrances. Dark blues, reds, and purples suggest a nighttime fragrance. Wear night fragrances on upper pulse points like behind your ears, neck, midriff, navel as they do not last long. This will give you that immediate effect.
  • On the other hand, day fragrances rise as the day goes by therefore concentrate on your lower pulse points. That is knees, calves, ankles and feet.
  1. Hydrate your skin

Another good hack is moisturizing your skin before wearing your perfume.  Hydrating your skin locks in the scent better and keeps it alive than wearing it on dry skin. You could always use Vaseline or any petroleum jelly.

Remember to spray the perfume right after you take a shower but before you get dressed. The moisture on your skin will help retain the fragrance longer. Follow up with a lotion/cream/body oil that doesn’t clash with your perfume.

  1. Storage

Like leather, keep your perfumes away from hot or damp places. Heat, direct sunlight and moisture will only lessen the quality of your perfume changing the scent. That said store your perfumes in cool dry spots and away from windows.

  1. Amount

We have all been victim of a choking cloud of perfume once someone walks in or seats next to us. Do not let that be you. A little goes a long way hence do not let your perfume be overbearing. Your nose tends to get accustomed to the scent therefore even if you don’t feel the scent rest assured that someone near you can smell it. Hence do not keep reapplying.

Nonetheless, In case you feel that you might need a touch up later in the day/night, spray a few cotton swabs, put them in a sandwich bag and carry that in your handbag. Instead of the whole bottle cotton swabs are easier to carry and they will save you space in your purse/handbag lest we mention unnecessary accidents.

When all is said and done remember that perfume is meant to enhance your beauty, confidence, personality, as well as accentuate your style. In addition to wearing it correctly, strive to find a perfume that reflects you.

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