Self Care: 5 Lessons On Self Love We Should Learn And Implement

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There are many life lessons to learn from different people. For instance, every African girl can learn a thing or two from Lupita Nyong’o. Though this is the case, our life stories differ from the people we often look up to. However, the greatest lesson we can learn is from ourselves. Learning what self-love truly means in order to bring you closer to appreciating yourself more. Here are some lessons on self-love.

Good Health Is More Important Than The Perfect Body

Fitness and health aren’t synonymous. Being slim doesn’t mean you’re healthy and being chubby doesn’t mean you’re overweight. Only we know our body type and if you’re naturally slim or chubby, that’s nothing to beat yourself up about. While it’s advisable to workout, it’s more important to be healthy. Watch what you eat and you’re all good. You should pay more attention to being healthy other than being fit.

Our Timing Isn’t Always Right

Many times we’ve tried doing things when we feel it’s right. Whether it’s starting a business, getting married or advancing your career, most of the decisions we make are based on our current situation. When it doesn’t go as planned, we tend to fault ourselves and stress about the “mistake” we’ve made. This can make you devalue yourself and your judgment. However, you should remember that our timing isn’t always right and things take cause at their own time.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

One of the main things that rob us of self-love is being too hard on ourselves. As mentioned before, when things don’t go our way, we tend to blame ourselves. We think that we could have done things differently. This kind of attitude takes a toll on our self-esteem since we view ourselves as failures. Additionally, as humans, we tend to focus on our shortcomings more than our triumphs. It’s important to remind ourselves of all the things we’re capable of while working on the things that pull us back.

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Self Love Is About Acceptance Not Affirmation

You can read all the self-help books in the library, listen to wellness podcasts but self-love begins with how you feel about yourself. Sometimes, we seek affirmation instead of acceptance. You don’t need someone to tell you how amazing or talented you are to love yourself. Self-love is about accepting yourself as you are. It’s about love both your strengths and weakness for they make you unique

Focus On Being Your Best Self

No one’s story can be similar to another person’s story. The world can be a noisy place. With social media, it’s easy to compare your life to others and feel less worthy when it doesn’t live up to those standards. However, we all have something to offer. Focus on your abilities and you’ll be able to live your best life.

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