Beauty Trends: The Monochromatic Eyeshadow Look

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Let’s be honest, most of us don’t have time or patience to do a full face glam as we see in many YouTube tutorials. However, we still want to look our best when we do our makeup. The trick to a good makeup look is learning how to play around with colours. While this may be challenging, it’s something we all wish we could master. Luckily, there’s a new trend that doesn’t require too much effort or expertise – the monochromatic eyeshadow.

This trend involves coordinating your eyeshadow colour to your lipstick creating a simple yet chic look. Like many trends, this futuristic look was first spotted on high fashion runways and has been adapted by beauty gurus. It’s easy to master since it involves using one eyeshadow colour. As someone who thrives on simplicity, this is one of my favourite makeup trends.

Know The Rules

Monochromatic eyeshadow might be an easy makeup look but there are some rules to be followed. For instance, you can add a deeper colour along the lash line for more definition or wear false lashes to make your eyes pop. Remember, the focus is on the eyes so, try to enhance them as much as possible. Additionally, you can transition from a day to evening look by adding shimmer on your eyeshadow. If you want to wear neutral colours, choose a shade that is slightly deeper than your skin tone.

Be Bold

This year has seen a rise in bold colours from fashion to make up. Similarly, the monochromatic eyeshadow trend isn’t for the faint-hearted. The bold colours inspire confidence. Therefore, this look should be worn proudly. When you match your makeup, be prepared for the attention it commands. This is a great look for a fashion gala or a nighttime event. However, you can choose to wear softer colours like blush pink or light brown during the day.

Burgundy monochromatic eyeshadow look image from

Multitasking Products

This trend has been a saving grace for people searching for quicker and easier makeup application. As mentioned, the monochromatic eyeshadow doesn’t require a lot of effort. All you need is to pick a colour. Additionally, you can use multitasking products to create this look saving you time and money. Products such as lipstick and blush can double up as eyeshadow and create a beautiful monochromatic look.

Beat Your Face

Don’t forget the rest of your face. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean you have to look crusty. Your makeup look still depends on how precise it all comes together. For a great and flawless monochromatic eyeshadow, start with your lips. This will determine how hard or how soft your eyeshadow should be. Though loosely, the rules of applying eyeshadow still apply in this case. Check out 8 Eyeshadow Mistakes To Avoid. You can still use mascara and contour your face. However, keep everything to a minimum as you want to achieve an effortless look.

The monochromatic eyeshadow trend is a fun and dressy look that brings an aura of sophisticated glam. Try the look for an event or even at the office.

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