Skincare: 7 Quick Remedies For Mosquito Bites

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Mosquitoes are pesky, annoying and worst of all, they leave us with painful and itchy bites. Unfortunately, there are no ways to get rid of mosquitoes permanently. They still make their way into our homes and snack on us causing nasty mosquito bites. However, if someone told you that you’ve been suffering for nothing and there are easy ways to relieve mosquito bites, would you believe? Well, the answer is yes. Mosquitoes don’t have to be a nuisance anymore and you don’t have to put up with their bites either. Here are some ways to relieve mosquito bites.

Ice Cubes

Cold temperatures reduce inflammation and swelling. Therefore, ice cubes are a great remedy for mosquito bites. The swelling will go down and the bite will be less visible. It’s a quick fix in case you have a bite on a visible area. Additionally, since cold temperature numbs the skin, you’ll feel less itchy and irritated with this remedy.


Once you get a mosquito bite, your brain sends histamines to the affected area as a defensive mechanism. These histamines are what cause that itching sensation that we love to scratch. However, the more you itch, the worse it gets. Instead of aggravating your skin further, apply toothpaste that contains mint as this is a naturally soothing ingredient. Additionally, toothpaste has astringent qualities that reduce swelling.

Mentholated Creams

Any cream that contains menthol – whether it’s for muscle relief or blocked nose – can be used as a remedy for mosquito bites. The cooling effects of menthol help relieve itchiness thus preventing further inflammation. This also prevents scarring which leaves dark spots on your skin as a result of itching and swelling.

Tap Don’t Scratch

If worse comes to worst and you succumb to your urges, try tapping the itch instead of scratching. This will distract the nerve that carries the message to the brain, in turn, giving you relief. Avoid scratching any mosquito bites by all means as this will lead to more scratching. It’s a vicious cycle that you just can’t win.

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Essential Oils

Apart from moisturizing your skin, essential oils that contain tea tree and lavender help relieve itchiness from mosquito bites as well. they contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that combat swelling, itchiness and pain. Additionally, their moisturizing properties keep your skin hydrated thus ensuring that you don’t have itchy and flaky skin. Health: Why You Attract Mosquitoes And How To Get Rid Of Them


Vinegar is a good anti-bacterial product which draws out any bacteria that cause irritation. Apply it directly on your skin using a cotton ball. However, if you have multiple mosquito bites, you can add a few cups to your bathwater. it helps relieve the discomfort as well as treat any infections that might happen as a result of the bites.


No, it’s not ingested but crushed and mixed into a paste. It turns out that aspirin has some great soothing qualities thanks to its muscle relaxing properties. For it to work on mosquito bites, you have to crush one or two aspirin into a fine powder then mix in water to form a paste. You can now apply it to the affected area like an ointment.

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