6 Ways To Deal With Unemployment

A man who is stressed. Image from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ysPoQk_1X4

In this tough job market, unemployment seems imminent for many people. You’ve probably experienced long periods where you were unemployed or might know someone who has. Additionally, you may have been out of a job unexpectedly which can be a horrible experience. With many companies in the country downsizing due to hard economic times, unemployment is only a letter away. Being unemployed can have a take toll on your emotional and mental wellbeing resulting in mental issues and unhealthy coping mechanisms. It might be a difficult time but not an impossible one. Here are ways you can deal with being unemployed.

Acknowledge Your Situation

Don’t mind about the shame or stigma that comes with unemployment. The sooner you come to terms with your situation, the sooner you’ll seek help. Be kinder to yourself during this time and don’t look at it as a failure but as a hurdle that everyone goes through. Once you start feeling more positive, you’ll be able to think of the next step in a clearer manner. 11 life hacks for people going through tough financial situations

Stay Active

Your natural response might be to hide away and stay indoors. However, your next job won’t come to your doorstep. Instead, find every excuse to go outside. You can take a stroll, visit a children’s home or volunteer at your local church. Stay engaged with the community and participate in local projects. These are opportunities to meet your next employer. Retrenchment: What To Do When You Get Laid Off

Contact Your Network

Whether it’s an old classmate, former colleagues or even family, tell them your situation and how they can help you. You can simply reach out to them for emotional support or employment opportunities. If they have some kind of connection, send out an email with your CV. This is one of the best ways to get some new leads. You can also use your social media connections.

A man who is stressed. Image from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ysPoQk_1X4

Set Small Goals

It’s easy to feel like a burden to society when you’re unemployed. This could lead to feelings of depression since, as humans, we’re happier when we feel needed. Create your own accomplishments by setting small goals you can achieve daily. This will not only make yourself feel better but also you’ll be able to manage your time better. Make a to-do list which can be followed by a reward when completed. However, make sure you also leave your days flexible enough in case of a job interview.

Don’t Underestimate Your Kids

Your natural parental instincts will kick in prompting you to shield your kids from the reality of unemployment. However, this does more harm than good as they will notice the obvious change. You can talk to them about your situation instead. You shouldn’t underestimate their ability and willingness to help. Children can be a good source of strength during such times. Additionally, they’re bursting with creative ideas and can inspire you to start your own business. Here is how your spouse can support you – How To Manage Finances When One Partner Loses Their Job

Learn New Skills

Take advantage of the free time to make yourself more marketable. Learn some skills that will boost your resume thus increasing your chances of getting employed. Additionally, this is a great way to avoid unemployment depression. You can also pick up a new hobby that might connect you to potential employers. Cool New Skills That You Can Learn Online

Here is How Unemployment Affects You (Even If You’re Working)

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