11 Hairstyles From The 90s That Are Trending Now That You Should Definitely Try

Mel B from spice girls in top knot buns. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/335588609711523225/?lp=true

What is a trend if not transforming a simple concept into art and elegance? Hair as a symbol of physical attraction has been used to define beauty trends over recent decades with no exception in today’s age. What’s interesting is that just like in fashion the resurgence of some trends has brought hairstyles from the 1990s back in full swing giving onlookers dejavu moments while others are left in awe.

Hair accessories inspiration from the 90s. Image from https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4350662/Naomi-Campbell-Burberry-shot-Nico-Bustos.html

Today we see versatile looks, out of the box and fun hairstyles, quirky accessories which, if you ask me, I would say they date back to the ’90s the of year butterfly clips and oversized scrunchies. While not all trends – like overplucking eyebrows, then drawing a thin line – will inspire us, the following hair inspos will surely set you in the mood for that mystified and unique look you so desire.

  1. Flipped out choppy bobs

Flipped out choppy bobs made the list as one of the most popular hairstyles in the 90s. The style not only gave you that funky, edgy look, but it also framed your face highlighting a tapered chin. Regardless of how you layered the edges this hairstyle made one look stylish, youthful and above all iconic. Taking this hairstyle as your inspiration nowadays, you can play around with this look as there are many variations of the choppy bob. All you have to do is factor your face shape, hair volume, then decide on how you will layer/style the choppy bob.

  • Then
A pointed pixie choppy bob. Image from https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/short-hairstyles-for-fine-hair/
  • Now
A flipped blunt choppy bob Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/495536765245448502/?lp=true
  1. Double buns 

We love this look for how it lets us channel our childish self giving us room to be playful and stylish at the same time. With short or long hair the double bun is a hairstyle you can rock anywhere, anytime. Its beauty lies in how effortless it is. A partition, a shape and two knots that’s all.

Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o rocking double buns. Image from https://www.essence.com/hair/celebrities-double-buns/

Let’s look at ways you can style your hair from this single hairstyle of the 90s.

  • Double bun half updo

Inspired by the double buns the top knot hairstyle differs when you leave half of your hair down and the rest you style in two knots.

  • Then
Mel B from spice girls in top knot buns. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/335588609711523225/?lp=true
  • Now
Ciara rocking double buns in a half up do. Image from https://www.essence.com/hair/celebrities-double-buns/#29565
  • Space buns

Commonly known as pussy cat, this is also a variation of the double buns, hailing from the 90s best hair trends.

Grownish star Yara Shahidi in space buns. Image from https://www.essence.com/hair/celebrities-double-buns/
  1. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are known as the go-to style for bad hair days. Check out 5 fun hairstyles you should try during the hot weather. This look hails from the 90s with Mel B from Scary spice girls commonly praised as the celebrity who made it popular at the time.

  • Then
Woman wearing Bantu knots. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/537758011755032627/
  • Now

These days the Bantu Knots hairstyle has evolved and now you can opt to rock it plain or vamp it up with braids and hair accessories.

Little girl in Bantu knots. Image from https://www.artofit.org/image-gallery/611082243168010663/those-bantu-knots-look-so-cute-on-lil-mama/
  1. Crimped hair

Doesn’t this look remind you of Beyoncé? It is her signature look; rooting from the ’90s where people used to wet and braid out their hair, for that kinky crimped hair look.

Tyra Banks rocking crimped hair. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/564498134520675419/?lp=true
  1. Accessories

We cannot forget the butterfly clips, beads, Bandanas, flowers and the colourful rubber bands.

Take this as your inspiration but in addition to of the butterfly clips, let Ariana Grande’s 7 rings inspire you.

Butterflies hair accessories. 90s inspiration. Image from http://www.naloaded.com/hair-styles/medium-box-braids-mystery-revealed-with-100-hairstyles/

If rings are tedious, safety pins, snap clips and bobby pins are at your disposal. Get creative and have fun.

Image from https://luvyourmane.tumblr.com/post/166232706672/lovely-regrann-from-clatodd-puff-puff
  1. High ponytails

There’s not a day you can decide to rock this hairstyle and deem it a miss. Hailing from the ’90s, the high ponytail is a great hairstyle for all face shapes.

Rihanna in a high ponytail Image from https://weheartit.com/entry/322352797

You can also style it into a half up half down hairdo, channelling a popular look from the 90s.

Beyonce in high ponytail crimped hair Image from https://www.allure.com/story/crimping-hair-trend
  1. Flat ironed hair

The ’90s were all about having that sleek straight hair look and boy do we love it even now.

  • Then
Supermodel Naomi Campbell throwback to the 90s. Image from https://aerblowdrybar.com/the-original-supermodels-a-throwback-to-the-90s/
  • Now
Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/574631233698023780/?lp=true

To style up this look, you can opt to blunt the ends for added pizzaz and chicness. Blunt cuts also make your hair ends look thick and healthy. Here are 6 sleek hairstyles for short hair.

Short sleek look. Image from https://www.rewigs.com/rihanna-black-women-short-mid-part-bob-wig-pskujbf28002.html
  1. Braids

From cornrows to box braids there’s just so much you can do with braids. Let’s not even talk about the styles, which are limitless. All you need is to pick out a look, then accessorize for that oomph and needed sense of style.

  • Then
Braid hairstyles during the 90s. Image fromhttps://www.refinery29.com/en-us/90s-black-hairstyles

If you desire that funky, 90s, laid back look, accessorise with bold jewellery.

  • Now
 Image from https://www.allure.com/gallery/box-braids-hair-inspiration
  1. Bouncy waves, curls and blowouts

Before straight hair became the in style trend of the 90s, big bouncy curls, waves and blowouts swung in position. Celebrities who rocked covetous curls ranged from the likes of Whitney Houston, Diana Ross to her daughter Tracee Ellis Ross who continues to inspire many with her curly voluminous hair.

  • Then
Diana Ross curls hair inspiration. Image from https://www.tangleteezer.com/us/discover/afro-hair-heroes.html

The good thing about any bouncy hairstyle is that it feels lightweight yet it leaves your hair looking healthy and voluminous. Find out more hairstyles you can do with your natural hair.

  • Now
Blackish star Tracee Ellis Ross 90s hairstyles inspiration. Image from https://www.femestella.com/tracee-ellis-ross-hair/

New generations still get inspiration from Diana Ross’s curls, for how effortless they look not to mention how they make one stand out.

Yara Shahidi channels Diana Ross’s big hairdo. Image from https://hellogiggles.com/news/yara-shahidi-2018-sag-awards-red-carpet-outfit-diana-ross/
  1. The Rachel

Remember Jennifer Aniston? You may have seen her in the series Friends. As one celebrity who made this hairstyle a movement in the 90s, she continues to be identified with The Rachel because of how well it framed her face. Hence if you have a diamond face shape, (like her), rest assured that this hairstyle will do you justice.

  • Then
Jennifer Aniston; hair inspo from the 90s rocking The Rachel hairstyle. Image from https://www.bustle.com/articles/132366-12-beauty-trends-from-the-1990s-we-cant-afford-to-forget-about

Till date, The Rachel infamous haircut continues to inspire hair trends, regardless of heritage.

  • Now
A woman celebrity rocking The Rachel; Hairstyles from the 90s. Image from https://www.outfittrends.com/cute-hairstyles-for-black-teenage-girls/
  1. Voluminous updos

Voluminous updos also defined the 90s with popular celebrities such as Halle Berry and Jennifer Love Hewitt rocking the styles.

  • Then
Halle Berry hair inspiration from the 90s. Image from https://www.instyle.com/hair/90s-hairstyles

This style has made a comeback, combining another inspiration from the 90s (face-framing) into one hairstyle.

  • Now
Rihanna in a voluminous pineapple updo. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/161355599128855869/

The wisps of hair draping on the side and around, are meant to give your face definition while drawing focus to your facial features.

Speaking of facial features here are the best hairstyles for a round face shape. Also check out It’s A Bold & Beautiful Year: 7 Beauty Trends Of 2019 So Far

Featured image via tangleteezer

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