Nairobi To Host International Coding Boot Camp For Teenagers

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Nairobi will become the first African city to host the Coding School Boot Camp. The boot camp will take place from the 10th to 14th of October and is supported by jet manufacturers Boeing and Brussels-based think tank ThinkYoung. Registration is open to young people aged between 11 and 16.

The boot camp is aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills to meet the rising demand for skilled labour in the technology industry in the near future. The acute need for skilled labour in the tech industry has been met, paradoxically, with the insufficient supply of labour with the necessary skills.

Girl doing some coding. Image from

The training will increase the skill-set of all the attendees by way of giving them a prior feel of the tech world. A variety of training sessions will be offered. Creating mobile apps, developing a small blog in HTML5 and converting HTML-based games into mobile apps will all be offered during the training.

The interaction with the team will also help the kids enhance their hard and soft skills at a young age. This will lay a firm foundation in the preparation to meet future industrial requirements. Nurturing the skills over time will prepare them for the rigours of the tech world.

Growth of the country is also shifting towards the tech world. A lot of emphasis is now being placed on the advancement of technology. As a matrix of development, sustained technological progress will only be possible if the young in society are well exposed to the technology. In this sense, prepping the young kids on technology matters will enable them to prepare adequately and be ready to embrace the prevailing circumstances.

Personal growth by way of networking, time management and the ability to compete effectively is important in the lives and growth of an individual. The Coding School provides an environment for all these to thrive. In this sense then, parents and guardians are advised to register their kids and allow them to learn.

Coding School provides students with a special school experience and innovative approaches in non-formal educational settings. It addresses the real needs of both the youth of today and the skills required by the labour market. It provides an amazing insight into the world of coding and technology.

Previous successful editions have been held in the Netherlands and Belgium. Nairobi will have the opportunity to host the seventh edition. Applications are open from 19th August.

Parents and Guardians can register for their kids here

Why It Is Important For Children To Learn Basic Computer And Coding Skills

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