Health: 7 Benefits Of Deep Breathing Exercises

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Deep breathing is not just therapeutic; it heals on so many levels. We can last up to 40 days without food but can only last a few minutes without oxygen. When we breathe, we take in oxygen which is crucial in aiding the functions of red blood cells. Additionally, we exhale carbon dioxide which cleans out our system. In other words, it helps boost the quality of life. Here are some benefits of deep breathing exercises.

Releases Toxins

By default, our bodies release 70% of their toxins through breathing. Therefore, by practising deep breathing exercise, we’re enhancing this process and improving our health. This is why people with pulmonary illnesses are more prone to falling sick than those who don’t have. However, it’s important that you boost your air intake though these exercises whether you have breathing problems or not.

Lowers Blood Pressure

We’re programmed to be on fight or flight mode in order to survive. However, for some people, they tend to exhibit the same kind of stress response even in ordinary situations. This excess adrenaline could lead to high blood pressure and hypertension. Deep breathing exercises help relax our muscles which slows down our heart rate and prevents stress-related illnesses.

Boosts Energy Levels

Oxygen is like fuel for our bodies. Our brain cannot function without it. Therefore, the more the oxygen supply the better your bodily functions. Additionally, since deep breathing reduces stress, which uses up a lot of energy, we can channel it to being more productive. If you experience low energy levels, simple breathing exercises can give you renewed energy. Here’s a quick deep breathing demonstration.

Releases Endorphins

Endorphins are feel-good hormones that are mainly released when our body is in a happy state. They aid in boosting our mood and pain relief. Naturally, endorphins are released in smaller quantities which can be insufficient. However, you can induce the secretion of these hormones by practising these exercises.

Increases Mental Focus

Deep breathing is a form of meditation. Therefore, it helps enhance our cognitive functions and boosts our mental focus. If you’re easily distracted, this exercise will help you stay focused on one activity. Additionally, if you experience mental block, deep breathing can help you de-stress which enables you to think with more clarity. Health And Fitness: 7 Positive Effects Of Meditation

Boosts Immunity

Stress takes a toll on our immunity leading to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and depression. Since deep breathing induces a sense of calm, this lowers the occurrence of such diseases. Additionally, it triggers beneficial changes in our genetics that regulate immunity. Therefore, deep breathing has long term benefits for our health.

Improves Posture

Due to prolonged sitting, many of us have poor posture which can affect our back and core strength. When we breathe in, we lengthen and straighten our spine thus improving our posture. This happens so as to create maximum room for our lungs to expand. Therefore, taking regular deep breaths will eventually give you the correct posture and ease any back problems.

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