My Cousin Found Out Her Sugar Daddy Was Her Biological Father

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When you hook up with a sugar daddy, the last thing on your mind is that he could be your biological father. I mean, what are the chances of that ever happening? Apparently, this is a possibility and it happened to my cousin. Let’s take it back a little bit. My cousin has had a string of men in and out of her life. She has two kids from one of them who she hasn’t heard from in ages. She has struggled for most of her life and hasn’t been lucky in the love department either. Therefore, it didn’t come as a surprise when she decided to give it all up and look for a sugar daddy.

I’ve always been close to her so she confided in me about her plans. At first, I was opposed to the idea of her sleeping with an older man but I came around. The girl had been through a lot. It was about time a man took care of her pretty self.

Her sugar daddy seemed to take good care of her. He bought her a car, paid her rent and put something in her bank account. He even bought school clothes and supplies for her two kids. The man was a saint and she looked happy. All he needed from her was her time and some love from a young girl and she got the life she always wanted. That didn’t sound so bad, right?  It wasn’t.

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For 3 years, she flourished in life as her sugar daddy showered her with gifts and money. Anything she wanted, she got. The best part was, she only saw her sugar daddy occasionally. The situation worked in her favour and as the months went by, she saw less and less of him.

“I don’t know what’s happening. My sugar daddy’s been acting weird lately.” She told me.


“He barely comes around and he’s been talking about his family a lot.”

“I told you this wasn’t going to last forever.” I reminded her.

I know.”

As she gathered her thoughts and figured what to do next, her long lost mother re-appeared in her life. She hadn’t spoken or seen her mother in more than 5 years after she ran off with another man. As I said, my cousin has been through the most. They caught up on lost time until her mom dropped the bomb on her.

“Your father wants to meet you.” She said.

“How do you know?”

“He reached out to me and asked about you.”

The only memory my cousin has of her father was when she was 3 years old going on a road trip with him. She can’t even make out his face yet here he was, reaching out to her after she had gone through her entire childhood virtually alone. However, my cousin has a soft heart and deadbeat men are her thing, so she decided to meet him. Her mom gave her his number but she felt hesitant to call.

So, she decided to call her sugar daddy. Despite him being distant, he always picked up her calls and helped her in any way she needed.

“You know how you’ve been talking about your family lately.” She started.


“It’s funny because my father contacted my mother and he wants to meet me.”

“That’s interesting. You’ve never told me about your father. What happened to him?”

“He left us when I was barely 3 years old. I’ve never seen him since then.”

“Oh really, what’s your dad’s name?”

This is where things get interesting. Apparently, her sugar daddy’s real name is Melvin but he goes by his nickname, Lucky. So, my cousin doesn’t know his real name.

“His name is Melvin.” She said and could feel his heart drop.

“Sweetie, that’s my name. I’m your father.”

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No one, not even Melvin himself, was prepared for this. The two stayed on the line without saying a single word before my cousin hung up the phone in a panic.

“This can’t be happening.” She repeated while pacing in the room.

Meanwhile, I was trying to get a word out of her to no avail. She barely spoke that night, went straight to her room and locked herself in. I stayed at her apartment to make sure she was okay because she didn’t look very good.

The next day, she woke up, made us all breakfast as normal then prepared her kids for school. I took advantage of some free time to ask her what had happened the previous night since she looked like she was calmer.

“Well, honey, remember I told you my mom had been talking to my dad?” she asked.

“Yeah, and? That wasn’t him last night, was it?”

“It was and it turns out Lucky, my sugar daddy, is my actual father.” She replied with a blank look on her face.

It was hard to believe at first. As I said, what are the odds of something like that happening? However, it did happen and my cousin will be traumatized for life. I doubt if she’ll want any kind of relationship with the man after that. Just when she thought her life was finally aligning, her sugar daddy turns out to be her father.

In the midst of the whole ordeal, the only comforting words I could think of was “At least you’ve already been calling him daddy.”

I don’t know what to tell her anymore. She’s heard every comforting word in the past that it makes little difference right now. Besides, she seemed to be over it and I didn’t want to dwell on the issue. It was just as awkward for me. The most important thing is that she had gotten a stable job and could afford to pay rent and take care of her children. As for the other issues, she had lived her whole life without talking to her father, she can live the rest as well.

This story was inspired by this story on Black Savage‘s Facebook page.

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