Health And Fitness: 7 Positive Effects Of Meditation

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In a noisy world, you can rely on meditation to give you a few minutes of peace and quiet. Meditation is a kind of mental therapy that you can do at any time and anywhere. This has some surprisingly great effect on both your physical and mental health. Therefore, you should take advantage of its simplicity to incorporate it into our daily routine. There are a number of benefits meditation has on our health, especially our mental health. Here are some effects meditation has on us.

Reduces Memory Loss

Meditation combines chants and motions that help exercise our muscle memory thus preventing memory loss in our sunset days. Some meditation styles increase mental quickness keeping us on our toes and lessening the risk of developing dementia. Additionally, since it increases our attention span, we’re able to perform memory task with ease.

Boosts Immunity

Our immunity weakens when we’re stressed making us prone to diseases. Since meditation aids in relaxation, it prevents stress-related illnesses while boosting our immunity. When practised for about a month, it boosts the production of lymphocytes, which are killer cells that protect the body from attacks. Our body is, therefore, able to protect us effectively.

Promotes Emotional Stability

Meditation helps us deal with emotions in a more stable manner. Emotions elicit impulsive actions. Therefore, when we meditate, we become more aware of our thoughts and are able to control how we act upon them. We also become less susceptible to stress-related illnesses like depression and anxiety while enhancing positivity.

Manages Pain

Whether you’re experiencing menstrual cramps, labour pains or medical-related pains, meditation can help separate the physical sensation from the emotions surrounding it. By shifting your thoughts to something else, you’re able to avoid focusing on the pain. Though it doesn’t reduce the pain, it helps you have better control of it.

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Prevents Depression

It’s easy to become a slave to our brain. Without self-control that comes with meditation, our brain can be a dark place to be lost in. Meditation helps us disengage from deep thoughts that lead to depression. A study showed that it helped patients who had been through traumatic childhood experiences and were vulnerable to depressive episodes. How To Cope With Depression

Fights Insomnia

It’s important to get enough rest. However, it’s getting harder to get the recommended amount of sleep nowadays. As we get older, the quality of sleep depreciates due to overthinking or fatigue. Additionally, in this digital era, our gadgets keep us up all night. This can lead to insomnia which takes a toll on our general health. Meditation is a great exercise to help clear our mind and relax our body. Check out 10 Danger Of Insufficient Sleep

Beats Addictions

If you have an addictive personality, meditation should be a part of your life. A study showed that smokers who meditated for half an hour every day were 60% less likely to go back to smoking. It helps create more discipline in our lives hence preventing falling prey to our addictions. How To Overcome Addiction

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