Book Review: The 50th Law By 50 Cent And Robert Greene

50 cent and Robert Greene co-authored The 50th Law. [Source/]

Besides his illustrious music career, Curtis Jackson, or 50 Cent, as he is popularly known, is also an author. His rise from his early days has been a bitter-sweet tale. He got on the wrong side of the law on multiple occasions and served a jail term before turning 18. The making of the brand 50 Cent that we know today has been one of many falls and rises. His dedication and ambition in life are what drove him to become successful.

50 Cent has had one of the most devastating downfalls and perhaps the most dramatic rises. As a young man, he survived one of the most vicious criminal attacks. A gunman pumped 23 bullets into his body. One of the bullets went through his jaw and came within inches of ending his life.

Despite all the setbacks associated with his rise as a rapper, Jackson has always found pride in sharing his life story. His works are primarily inspirational and motivational pieces. All of them are worth reading and are tailored to suit a wide range of readers.

His other works include;

  1. 50 x 50: 50 Cent In His Own Words
  2. From Pieces To Weight: Once Upon A Time

The Co-author Robert Greene has written a number of classics over the years. They both share a perception of the world. Their vision of the society they want to see is very much similar. Robert Greene has authored The Art Of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War and The 48 Laws Of PowerAll of his novels have been bestsellers in the US and the rest of the world after their launch.

The 50th Law is a book that is very relevant to a variety of readers. It talks about handling the inevitable setbacks that life throws at you and how to stay on course in the face of such challenges. 50 Cent and Greene keep the reader glued to the text by infusing historical aspects and a variety of interesting quotes and facts. The life of 50 Cent is revealed in an interesting manner and juxtaposed with historical events that make the book all the more interesting. The secrets of sound decision-making in life and successful living are embedded within the text.

The 50th Law has a lot of lessons to offer. [Source/]
Here are the critical lessons that stand out

1. Always be alive to reality [see things for what they are]

50 Cent and Robert Greene talk about being alive to reality in the most practical ways. You are advised to understand your surrounding and train yourself to live according to the requirements of the environment. This will enable you to figure out possible avenues for difficulties and setbacks before they even happen.

The narration of the life 50 Cent had as a young boy in the harsh Southside Queens neighbourhood makes this all the more relevant. While growing up, 50 Cent was aggressive and did all many things to be successful. The opposite happened because he was taking long to understand the surrounding and the rigors of the life he was consigned to. Once he understood what was to be done and how he was supposed to live, he finally made the breakthrough and ultimately became one of the most successful individuals in the drug business.

He writes, ‘It might seem that seeing so much of reality makes one depressed, but the opposite is the case. Having clarity about where you are headed, what you are up to, and what is happening in the world around you will translate into confidence and power, a sensation of lightness.

2. Always be on the move

Another important perspective of successful living is explained in very practical ways in the book. 50 Cent remembers that as a teenage hustler on the streets of Southside Queens, he kept inventing and re-inventing to keep in touch with the flow life. He says a person should always come up with something new to tackle daily problems. Solutions to yesterday’s problems will not necessarily be the same solutions for today’s problem’s. Even if the problems are very much related or similar.

As a rapper in the early 90s, it became hard to sell music and consistently make a decent living out of it. 50 Cent, therefore, focused on being fluid and moving in a disorderly fashion. It became hard for his rivals to figure out his patterns. There was nothing to mount an attack on and everything seemed so ambiguous.

50 Cent branched into multiple ventures. He took lessons from failures and moved on to other opportunities. He had deals with General Motors and Pontiac, Vitamin Water and even tried selling books to supplement his music career. He made sure that he was always on the move. It is this fluidity that gave him the advantage over his rivals and streamlined his life.

Similarly, we should strive to make sure that we are progressing by being bold in taking up opportunities. Difficulties will arise in the process but it is through overcoming them that we fully appreciate the significance of our struggle. We also learn by failing. It’s not always that you win or things go your way.

3. Know when to be aggressive

Aggression in life is a good thing, but it can also be very terrible. You, therefore, need to know when to be aggressive and when not to. You need to pick your battles carefully. It is sometimes very useful to step back even when your true value is not recognized. Being aggressive on some individuals will only backfire and lead to your ultimate downfall.

50 Cent narrates how his early career in book writing was full of uncertainty. His books on racial prejudices were being misread and the message deliberately softened. Out of respect for his white audience, he held back and continued writing from the background. He did it long enough for his books to gain international recognition. He then came out more aggressively and rose to become one of the most effective advocates against racial discrimination in the US. He conducted interviews on the international media and mainstream media outside the US. His books became popular and sold more. That art of holding back and knowing when to be aggressive with his message was what made every obstacle an advantage. That is what you need to do to come through situations in life.

4. Push beyond your limits

50 Cent and Robert Greene also talk about the importance of believing in oneself and using that to push beyond the limits. You need to train your body to give you more even in times when you feel you are collapsing. There is always that little extra energy to push you. You need to use it. The mind may get tired at some point. However, if you force yourself to take the extra step, it will positively respond.

This is a book that you will definitely enjoy reading. The book is available in major book stores and libraries around the country. You can also buy it here

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