How To Check Your NHIF Status And Updated Rates For 2019

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The National Hospital Insurance Fund [NHIF] is a government corporation with the sole mandate of providing accessible, affordable, sustainable and quality health insurance for all citizens. All Kenyans above the age of 18 and with an income of Ksh 1000 and above are eligible to contribute to the fund. Also check out All You Need To Know About NSSF

The Fund has kept on expanding and covering for many more Kenyans through partnerships and deals that are meant to uplift the lives of Kenyans.


Upon registration and issuance of an NHIF membership card, an individual is eligible for a number of hospital services. The hospital makes a claim to the fund for reimbursement. NHIF is very useful when you are confronted with medical emergencies. Treatment is done to completion and the medical expenses are covered by the fund.


Anyone from both the informal or formal sector can register to be a member. Membership is compulsory for those in the formal sector. From June 2015 self-employed or workers in the informal sector are required by law to contribute a monthly fee of Ksh 500.

How to make payments to NHIF

  1. NHIF funds can be paid through the online portal www.nhif.or.keThe portal directs you on what to do up to the point you make the payment. After that, an acknowledgement report is sent to you confirming receipt of your funds.
  2. For those who are employed NHIF payments are made by directly deducting your salary. Always make sure you check every couple of months that your employer is paying your NHIF dues.
  3. Payments to NHIF can be made through Mpesa. Money is directed to NHIF through the Mpesa PayBill number 200222. Here is the procedure of making payments to NHIF using Mpesa.

a] Go to Mpesa and select Lipa na Mpesa paybill option.

b] Enter the Paybill Number 200222

c] Enter your ID number under ‘Account Name.’

d] Enter the amount to be paid to NHIF

E] Enter the Mpesa pin and send.

A confirmation message from Mpesa will be sent to your phone confirming the funds have been received.


All persons aged 18 years and above and earning an income totalling more than Ksh 1000 per month are required by the law to contribute towards the fund irrespective of whether the spouse is a contributor or not.

There are different ways to check your NHIF status.  You can go to an NHIF branch with your ID card. Now you can check your status online.

Checking NHIF status is useful. [image from]Here are the different ways to check NHIF account status

1. How to check NHIF status using your phone

Using your phone to check NHIF status makes the whole process more affordable, more efficient and saves you a lot of time. On entering all the details, it is very easy and fast to check the status.

a] Go to your messaging app and open it.

b] Click on ‘Compose new message’ or ‘Create a new message.’

c] At the ‘Enter Recipient’ space, key in 21101 which is NHIF

d] At the ‘Type Message’ or ‘Enter Message’ space, Type ‘ID’ followed by a space and then enter your ID number. For example ‘ID 10101010′

e] Press or click ‘send’ to send your message.

Your NHIF details will be processed and send to you via text. A standard charge of Ksh 10 applies in sending the SMS to NHIF.

2. How to check NHIF account status online 

Checking your NHIF account status online is also very easy as long as you have an internet connection and an internet-enabled device.

Here is how to check NHIF account status online.

a] Go to the NHIF website

Note that you will be required to register if you are visiting the page for the first time.

b] You will be required to provide; A working phone number, a valid email address and the NHIF Card Number. You will also be directed to fill in personal details before submitting the text.

c] You will also be required to set a password for your account.

Your account is then created and you can inquire on anything by just clicking on the tab or icon with the information you need.

Penalties for late NHIF payment

Late contributions to NHIF attracts an interest of 50%. If you usually contribute Ksh 1000 every month, a late payment will mean you pay a total of Ksh 1500. Monthly payments are to be made on or before the 9th of every month.

Here are the 2019 NHIF contributions 

New NHIF rates were introduced this year, and the lowest contributions will be Ksh. 150 per month for monthly income up to Ksh. 5,999. The highest contribution will be Ksh. 1,700 based on a monthly income of more than Ksh. 100,000.

Salary Bracket in KshMonthly Contribution In Ksh
0 – 5,999150
6,000 – 7,999300
8,000 – 11,999400
12,000 – 14,999500
15,000 – 19,999650
20,000 – 24,999750
25,000 – 29,999850
30,000 – 34,999900
35,000 – 39,0000950
40,000 – 44,9991,000
45,000 – 49,0001,100
50,000 – 59,9991,200
60,000 – 69,9991,300
70,000 – 79,9991,400
80,000 – 89,9991,500
90,000 – 99,9991,600
100,000 and Above1,700
Self Employed (Special Type)500


The Importance Of A Health Insurance Cover

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