SOI Restaurant Reopened At DusitD2 Nairobi And The Thai Food Is Amazing

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Last week SOI restaurant reopened at DusitD2 Nairobi, displaying new pan Asian cuisines at a food-tasting event. The Thai restaurant has great ambience and great food and has introduced new dishes that combine eastern culture with a taste of Asia.

During the re-opening, I had the pleasure of joining guests who cared to indulge their taste buds in some new flavours from the streets of Asia.

I have to say the new experience left me with memories of delicious dishes, there were sweet and sour dishes, salty and savoury flavours. Don’t forget to add a mixture of pungency, depth and spiciness. These flavours worked in tandem to bring out the essence of SOI, which means street in Thai.

In hindsight, it actually felt as if I was out of Nairobi and sitting somewhere in Bangkok. With that, I learnt Sawadika, (means hello in Thai) from a lovely receptionist who welcomed me to the restaurant.

From left Nev Jiwani (founder Go places Magazine), Wambui Kogi (Yummy Magazine) Mansoor Jiwani (Go Places) & Lynda Chalker(Potentash) at the SOI restaurant reopening at DusitD2 Nairobi. Image from

Right from the start, the service at SOI restaurant was on point with constant refilling of the water and wine glasses. The servers were so kind and never forgot to check-in, time and again, to confirm if everything was okay.

Wine of the evening, Dusit moments at SOI restaurant re-opening.

From there the sumptuous dishes started flowing in. First came the appetizer from the cold snacks array. This was my first experience with four of the dishes, but I can’t deny that something stood out. At first, I had planned to stick to compressed melon for my love of fruits.

A platter of exotic fruits. SOI restaurants pan Asian cuisine.

(I mean I wouldn’t go wrong with something I can tell its ingredients right off the bat, now would I? Familiarity is bae). However, trying a little bit of all the cold snacks opened my world to a whole new experience.

My highlight from the list of these snacks was the swimmer crab. Nam Prik being at the heart of Thai cuisines, served as the right condiment enhancing the snack with a fruity flavour and extra spice like a chutney.

On the list of hot snacks, oxtail cigar had me. Maybe it’s my love for good beef. Nonetheless, what I’m sure of, is that I wouldn’t mind having more of those crispy, tender and fleshy snacks.

What came next was the main course. You could say that this was the moment I was waiting for. Not because I was famished but because the curiosity and anticipation created by SOI’s Udon chef. I couldn’t wait to taste the noodles.

A serving of Jasmine rice at SOI restaurant.

Right from Nasi Goreng, Gun Pao, Ayam Betutu, Green curry (in my vocabulary I’d call these chicken dishes), to the heavenly beef, all these distinct meals had something to offer. My pick was the Heavenly beef.

Tantalizing dark brown beef with a hint of caramel, it was simply heavenly. From the aforementioned list of chicken dishes, Ayam Betutu won me over. Did I also mention the Udon, which was prepared by SOI’s chef with flair? It was just like I see in Thai dramas.

A serving of Ayam Betutu from SOI restaurant’s pan Asian cuisines.

Getting to the desserts, nothing could beat chocolate fondant. Well the exotic fruit platter came close (remember my love for fruits), but chocolate fondant set the bar. No pun intended.

Personally, SOI restaurant is a place I would love to revisit for a chill evening of delicious meal and exotic culture. Since the restaurant opens from Monday to Saturday that gives me plenty of time to find the company; because it’s the company that makes a meal. Not the cooking. Or is it? Here’s how to choose the best restaurant for a family meal.

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Had a nostalgic evening full of fun food & friends at #SOIRestaurant. The restaurant reopens with a pan asian menu full of sumptuous dishes and a touch of serendipity to the set the tone for a good evening. As you can tell there's more too choose from and pretty much everything for everyone. #vegeterians and #kuku lovers ; everyone gets a kick. My highlight on the menu: the heavenly beef. It deserves the name.🔪 I didn't get to capture the oxtail cigars, (Cause i was busy stuffing myself) but those melt-in-your-mouth delights are still stuck in my memory. Story short if you want the best experience, all you need to know is Swadika which means "hi" in #Thai , then relax and let Udon masters & chef @chrisgchef cater to you. 🥘🍽🥂🍁 #dusitmoments #SOIPanAsian

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The night ended with a cocktail (bourbon whiskey, egg whites, lime and sugar syrup) made by an award-winning mixologist, only at Dusitd2 Nairobi.

You can never run out of options when it comes to Asian culinary. If you’re a meat lover, get a unique taste of India at Mayura restaurant.

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