Woes Of The Young & Restless

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One year after I completed my university studies, I had found myself in a jungle. The lack of a system, rules to follow, disoriented me and I felt completely lost. I was coming to terms with the true meaning of having to fend for myself or was it survival of the fittest? Yes, I had a family but being the first-born and come one come all, fellow firstborns will attest to the fact that we are born with elements of responsibilities. Some bearing a greater burden than others. 10 Things No One Will Tell You After You Graduate

It is not all demanding though. I will just choose not to talk about the perks here.

So I have figured things out until I have graduated. I am out here with a paper trail that shows my scores, academic level but no career insight on where I should go from here. Did I mention about skills and experience? Uh! That’s a whole another story. I do not have a life plan but what I know is that I would like to work in a company that returns the investment of my presence and time, with stacks enough to buy a car, a house and a house in an island. Oh, I also need a husband by the time I’m 28 that’s my upper limit. For if memory serves me right I remember our home science teacher warning against having children too late. You all know what happens. 10 common mistakes people make in their 20’s

Out here, voices are schizophrenic. One tells me to take any job available, another says you need to start with an internship. Minutes later, my lost self also has an opinion. I need to build on my career, for I cannot afford to end up like my neighbour Brayo, who is 6 years in and until now has not done anything in line to what his degree states. I must look for an internship. Final resolve.

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I do. My mother is against me staying in the house and applying for these internships online. Instead, she advocates for me applying and dropping them papers in front of every other office. “They need to see you and know how serious you are,” She remarks. I do so and after one week, I feel like a delivery girl who is only failing to tell the receptionists, “You’ve been served.

Campus girl a few things you need to know.

Two weeks later, I’m at a salon in Umoja market when I get a call from a landline number. The way five women are pulling on my hair, I cannot feel my face. Between the after the smell of braids massaged in Baby Care petroleum jelly, and the thighs yarning the braids, I cannot decide what to declare my pick of the day. Nevertheless, I pay for services. Beauty is painful they say, so I will sit this one out and never return. Until I see another woman in braids and they tell me, they had them done at Umoja market.  You know how that ends.

I ask the ladies to excuse me for a moment in order to answer my phone. “Ahhh!” (Not the rude kind) they exclaim. They are just a bit disappointed. The rhythm of Baby Care braid massaging, thigh twisting, installing and finishing had just reached its peak. I assure them it won’t take long. That appeases them for a while. I receive the call and it ends with me getting my first internship and ready to take on the corporate world. Surprisingly, now I can feel my face.

I walk back to my chair with a bright smile. I am so happy I cannot wait to indulge the five musketeers, in my lessons through life and how they landed me this opportunity. They believe I am smart and I would make it in life. I feel contented.

It’s time to pull all the hair covering my face to an up-do and boy does it hurt? Literally, my eyes get smaller, my face tighter, my neck stiffer and I’m left feeling like a chicken head on a pike. I cannot show it though these are my friends now. No first-born Eastland babe who just landed her first internship would not know how to take a little pain. It is all part of the process. Trust in the process I remember reading somewhere.

As I head home I reverie on how I was dressed when I delivered that application. It must have been the clothes. What did I write on my cover letter that made it that special, or was it my Cv? It’s the Cv. My CV had alternating hues of green and blue, bold and italic type sets, maybe that remix did it for them. I should join Brighter Monday and give them a piece or two of my wiz-craft.

But no, I will hold on to my knowledge until I confirm what did happen. I cannot wait to break the news to my mother. Sure, I still do not believe that if I make an online application it will not seem as formal but dropping was a sure bet. Although, I cannot help but wonder: what if the other companies where I dropped my CV, start calling successively even before I settle in my first place of work?

What if I would want to work in another company, doesn’t that mean I should prepare to send a letter of rejection? Uuuh! I’m so happy, I’m in a dilemma already. With that, I realize that through my pondering I was smiling to myself. I look up and a middle-size man smiles in my direction, another one shake his head he must think it’s the hairstyle that makes me happy/crazy. A woman on my left stares at me with a puzzled face. I straighten my expressions instantly realizing this dilemma is all in my head.

I need to get home. I conclude my thoughts; and tell my mother that on Monday, the following week, I will take on my first internship.

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