Parenting: How To Conceive A Boy or Girl Baby

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While the possibility of having a baby is purely scientific and related to the DNA, a couple can improvise to influence the outcome of the sex of the baby. This is related to the food eaten and the general health of the male and the female.

Here are ways to improve the chances of getting a baby boy or a baby girl.

1. Diet

Your daily diet plays an important role in determining whether you conceive a baby boy or a baby girl. For the woman, an alkaline diet will provide the right conditions for the male sperm to swim and fertilize the egg. A high PH level or acidic conditions in the body kills the male sperm. Alkaline foods include avocados, soya beans, unripe bananas, salty foods, ginger, kales, and cabbages. This helps lower the vaginal PH and provide an enabling environment for the male sperm to swim.

Having breakfast rich in calorie or cereals has also been proven to boost the chances of conceiving a baby boy. The diet should consist of less calcium and magnesium at the period you are trying to conceive a baby boy.

To conceive a baby girl, the woman needs to keep the body in an acidic state. Acidic environments are not suitable for the male sperms and this will provide an environment specifically suitable for the female sperms to swim and fertilize the egg. Foods that increase the acidity of the female body include foods such as chocolate, vinegar, and soda. The woman should avoid eating alkaline in the run-up to ovulation to keep the PH of the vagina high.

2. Sperm count

To conceive a baby boy, the sperm count of the male has to be high. The male sperms can swim faster than female sperm. You, therefore, have to ensure that the sperm count is high enough. These will mean the man should not ejaculate for about a week before sex. The man must also avoid smoking. Smokers usually have a low sperm count. A low sperm count lowers the chances of getting a baby boy.

To conceive a baby girl, you need to keep the sperm count low. This will ensure that the number of male sperms in the race for fertilization is as low as possible. To achieve this, the couple needs to have more sex in the periods before conception. This will lower the sperm cell count on the day of conception providing the female sperms with the possible environment to swim and fertilize the egg.

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3. The age

The age at which you decide to have a baby is also important in determining the sex of the baby. For females, the period with a high likelihood of conceiving a baby boy is between 23 to 30 years while in males it is between 30 to 35.

The age factor is also very important in the conception of a girl. The older the parents are, the more likely they are to conceive a girl. For instance, old age reduces the sperm cell count and therefore raises the likelihood of conceiving a girl. The physiological hormones of the woman also get reduced significantly. The alkaline secretions in the vagina also get reduced and therefore make it hard for male sperms to survive and affect fertilization.

4. Female orgasms

Female orgasms improve the chances of conceiving a baby boy. During an orgasm, an alkaline secretion is released into the vagina that helps the male sperm to swim and increases the chances of survival.

To conceive a girl, the female shouldn’t have an orgasm. In this sense, the alkaline secretion in the vagina will be in deficient. This will make it hard for the male sperm to survive long enough and swim to fertilize the egg.

5. The temperature at conception

There are higher chances of conceiving a baby boy in higher temperatures than it is in relatively lower temperatures. The high temperature will affect the x-bearing chromosome and make the Y-bearing chromosome more active. This increases the chance of conceiving a baby boy.

To conceive a baby girl, you need to lower the Basal Body Temperature. This makes the x-bearing chromosomes more active. The male sperms become less active in lower temperatures.

6. Timing of ovulation

To conceive a boy, you need to have sex 24 hours before ovulation and not more than 12 hours after ovulation. The woman will also need 5 or more minutes of rest after intercourse. This will allow the sperm to swim freely.

To conceive a girl, the couple will need to have sex every day from the day of ovulation up to 2-and-a-half to 4 days before the next ovulation. This will deposit enough female sperms and cause fertilization when ovulation starts. Male sperms cannot survive for long periods. This will leave female sperms with the opportunity to fertilize the egg after ovulation.

7. Choose sex positions

The sex position will also help give the sperm carrying the male chromosome a head start to fertilization. Ejaculation must happen as close to the cervix as possible. The penetration during sex has to be deep enough for this to be possible. You should, therefore, choose the best position to make the maximum penetration possible.

To conceive a baby girl, you will need to utilize a sex position that does not allow for deeper penetration. Since the female sperms can survive longer, this will allow them to out-swim their male counterparts to fertilize the egg. Heres what science says about how you can conceive a boy or girl

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