Reviews: You Should Definitely Try The Delicious Camel Meat Dishes At Kulan Cafe


Nairobi town is a city with an array of restaurants and fast food joints where you can just grab your meal and hit the road. However, nothing feels as good as finding that hidden spot on a quiet street, where you can get a homemade meal while enjoying the setting sun.

With a balcony for that outdoor and homely experience, Kulan café is located at Kaunda street right in the middle of town or as would say CBD.

This is a restaurant that serves different dishes but as many would say it is a hot spot for everything camel, from camel milk, to yoghurt to halal camel meat Kulan café packs it all.

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That is the recommendation I received before we ended up at Kulan Café on one Sunday evening. Our agenda was of course to get a serving of camel meat which I had tasted once upon a time at a place I can’t quite recall. What I can remember though is that the camel meat was something palatable.

We ordered the Camel Stir Fry from Kulan cafe. This is a big plate of stir-fried camel meat served with special sauce, vegetables and chips as the accompaniment. To be honest, we were hooked.

The camel meat being an integral part of the cuisine tasted like beef, but with more depth in flavour. In actuality, you could say it tastes more like a cross between lamb and beef. That is exactly what I experienced and to my surprise, the meat was tender and juicy. I was not alone in this as my friends also requested for a second serving.

Asking the owner how they were able to make it so tasty, he said that there are different ways to cook camel meat. At Kulan, their trademark is to try and serve the meat in culinary variations so that the customer can have options and also walk out of the café with different memorable experiences.

With that in mind, if camel meat could be stir-fried it could also be grilled. The next serving was of camel steak. Tender like the stir-fried camel meat, the steak was tasty too. Even though it didn’t surpass its competitor the camel stir fry.

The homemade like meal came in a serving of camel meat dipped in a special curry sauce and spiced Somali rice as the accompaniment. What I noted is that the nutritional aspect was given priority when serving the dishes at Kulan cafe. This did not affect quality though, in terms of taste, good flavour or presentation. Because from this dish, the chewy spiced rice infused with nuts was as delicious and appetizing as the camel meat curry it was served with. Overall the food was great and so was the service.

My experience ended there but the Kulan experience doesn’t stop with the aforementioned cuisines, so to mention.

Their menu is packed with a variety of dishes including fish, beef, chicken, spinach paneer curry, salad dishes, veggie pizza among others. Not to mention the price range is favourable for their serving. Main meals cost between 600 to 800. My highlight which was the camel stir fry goes for Ksh 600. They also offer platter dishes for the squad which is what we had.

  • Nutritional value

Just like beef, it is worth to note that camel meat is also an excellent source of protein but with a difference. It is healthier since it contains less fat and lower levels of cholesterol than other types of meat. Like camel milk is fit for someone who’s lactose intolerant, camel meat is good for someone with hypertension, respiratory diseases and hyperacidity.

In India, camel meat is recognised as an aphrodisiac in addition to being used as a remedy for diseases such as pneumonia. Low levels of saturated fat in camel meat place it as a good alternative for red meat, which is constantly linked to high levels of cholesterol, obesity and cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis.

Now, food for thought. If cow is to beef, as sheep is to mutton, What is the name for camel meat?

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