Turnup. Travel’s 5th Instagram Tour Showcases The Global Trade Centre As Nairobi’s New Lifestyle Hub

Picture courtesy of Turnup Travel

People call it the green city under the sun while others call it a cosmopolitan city. The truth is thanks to the 5th Instagram tour as pioneered by Turnup Travel the world can see more of the undiscovered facets of Nairobi as a flourishing city.

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Turnup. Travel, an influential group of local creators, teamed up with AVIC International’s Global Trade Center (GTC) for the 5th edition of Nairobi Instagram tour to showcase the launch of GTC project while capturing the immersive experience of everyday life in Nairobi. For the love of Nairobi check out: this poem of My Nairobi.

Picture courtesy of Turnup Travel

The unforgettable 24-hour experience, all captured in panoramic shots with GTC as the stage gave leeway for the world to experience the sunrise in Nairobi and the energetic rhythm of the life at night.

As the theme states “new perspectives” Turnup. Travel was able to capture and share Nairobi’s skyline to the world. From Global Trade Centre to the city’s peak – 184 metres, GTC club is the city’s largest private club (3,181 m2) and it set the arena to showcase energy, passion and youth through a grand cocktail party.

Since the GTC project launched it has gained attention while commanding engagement across the country’s social networks as well as online platforms. But what does this mean for Kenya and the world at large?

  • GTC as the latest venue for the 5th IG tour sets a theme that redefines Nairobi as the energetic city it’s always been known to be but also showcased Nairobi in different angles.
  • The vivid photos depicting the colourful rhythm of Nairobi spark a wave of fresh interest and exposure as orchestrated by Turnup Travel and Peri-Peri Go. Not only do they showcase the new Global Trade Centre but they displayed a new lifestyle hub to the world at large.

  • Global Trade Center, Nairobi, East Africa’s first ultra-premium city complex, consists of four major elements including the 184-metre landmark Office Tower, luxury 5-star hotel JW Marriott, 116 metre GTC Executive Residence and a boutique mall. It provides Nairobi’s elite population with a premium, high quality, convenient and safe one-stop working and living platform
  • This all-in-one concept is expected to influence and change the lifestyle of the city’s elites while setting new building height records and redefining the city’s skyline.
  • The 184 m GTC Office Tower will be the tallest office tower in East Africa and a “3A Plus” business icon for Nairobi city. The apartment community is a 26-30-storey exclusive private club that offers live entertainment services such as Wine & Cigar Bar, Fitness Center, Private Cinema just to list a few.
  • Apart from looking down at the city from a great eye view, people can get to experience a dream life at the city’s pinnacle. At 116 metres,  – the tallest apartment towers in East Africa, GTC redefines the concept of “fine living” while announcing its own vision of an elegant lifestyle.

This new world is destined to attract capital flows, talents and information from across the world and serve as the emerging business hub of Nairobi as well as entire East Africa. It will dramatically change the city’s outlook, but also enormously boost the city’s profile.

With 317 rooms, 52 suites and seven large conference halls, JW Marriott Hotel will be the most exclusive hotel in Kenya and East Africa, raising Kenya’s tourism infrastructure to a new level.

Picture courtesy of Turnup Travel

GTC will be a game-changer in terms of adding to Nairobi’s allure as an international hub while reshaping the city’s skyline.

Meanwhile, life at GTC Executive Residence is soundly safeguarded by the community’s six IT intellectual security systems. Through its international standards of service, GTC Executive Residence sets the benchmark of a luxury residence, providing an unparalleled living experience.

Not only does the GTC project have rich economic benefits to Kenya but it also has good social benefits. It is expected that GTC will contribute to the economic development of the area as well as the region, nurturing an ultra-premium city complex that is vibrant, full of opportunity and potential for further value appreciation. This project will also be an overall upgrade of the elite lifestyle in Kenya as well as a boost in enhancing Kenya’s international image.

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Featured image courtesy of TurnUp. Travel

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