Fashion: 10 Ankara Outfit Designs To Inspire Your Wardrobe

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Looking for the best Ankara designs that will inspire you? here’s a list that will definitely get your creative juice flowing. But before we get into that let’s list a few facts for that sense of confidence and assurance that comes with owning a style. 18 wardrobe essentials for women.

  • Ankara is the capital of Turkey but it is also a fabric worn by Africans.
  • Ankara is not originally from Africa. A statement that is open for debate because this material still stands as an emblem of hi-fashion in Africa as depicted by West Africans, who also regard it as a symbol of tradition. Find out more about the origins of African fabric in Africa.
  • Ankara is a versatile fabric and the list of items you can make from this printed material is endless. From hats, jackets, jumpsuits, skirts, shoes, to shorts, scarves, coats and accessories. You name it.
  • Lastly, not only are Ankara styles versatile but they are also authentic – and that is why we love these African designs. This fabric is a fashion statement and can be worn in formal parties, as casual wear, as office wear and in weddings too.

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Hence, with no further ado let’s get into the 10 Ankara outfit styles that will inspire your wardrobe.

  1. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are one staple item that you cannot afford to miss in your wardrobe. Not only is a jumpsuit comfortable, but it is one versatile and stylish attire, that can be worn at almost any occasion. For your inspiration check out this mood board of differently style jumpsuits each with a distinction of class and modernity.

woman in a jumpsuit adorned with a flayed peplum belt. Image from

A jumpsuit will never fail to accentuate your features for it cinches your waist, accentuates your hips while elongating your legs for that feminine sexy look. How to find the right jumpsuit for your body type.

  • Palazzo jumpsuit
Yemi Alade in a palazzo off-shoulder jumpsuit. Image from

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  1. Dresses

From maxi dresses to A-line dresses and dresses with flay. You can never go amiss with an Ankara fabric and a fitting style as your inspiration.

  • Ankara Maxi dress

This is why you need to have a maxi or two in your wardrobe.

A maxi dress paired with a gold belt. Image from
  • Ankara dresses paired with different fabrics

Give your Ankara outfit that oomph by pairing it with different materials and patterns. From nets, laces, to spandex, fur and feathers. The list is endless and the materials are readily available for your choosing.

Ankara paired with other material. Image from

If you want to pair your Ankara outfit with another Ankara fabric, you could always crop it with a different colour however, stick to the same pattern to match.

  •    Ankara dress paired with mesh
Short patterned Ankara dress paired with mesh. Image from
  • Ankara dress with flay
Sleeveless dress with flay. Image from
  • Collar dress

A collared dress will always give you that youthful look. All that’s left is to play around with the design for that flattering drape.

Image from
  1. Skirts
  • Detachable skirt

There’s nothing as genius as a detachable Ankara skirt and this is why. The outer gown can be worn separately with tight pants or together with the skirt for a high low styled outfit. If you pair it with a matching top and belt you get a high low dress, and if you overlay the skirt on a short you get an entirely different outfit.

Detachable skirt. Image from
  • The pencil fringe skirt

Simple but yet stylish.

Long pencil Ankara skirt with fringe. Image from
  1. Shorts

Pair your Ankara shorts with a matching top/coat or opt for a fitting tank top for a casual yet sassy look. Fashion: 8 outfits you can wear on casual Fridays.

Image from
  1. Coats

With the right fit, a coat can change the look of an outfit as well as keep you warm during the cold seasons. Fashion: 5 tips to dress for a last-minute formal event.

For a stylish look wear a boldly patterned Ankara coat over a plain jumpsuit, dress, skirt or shorts.

Image from

Here are different ways you can glam up your little black dress.

Try a dress coat paired with black fishnets. The result is a classy, chic look but with an edge that communicates you came to slay.

Ankara dress coat paired with fishnets. Image from
  1. Tops & Blouses

From simple to sophisticated. You get an array of designs to choose from for your Ankara fashion outfits.

Ankara top/accessory. image from
  • Off-shoulder tops

A trendy item that adds authenticity to your outfit as well as style.

Image from–ankara-top–ankara-styles–ankara-fashion–ankara-clothing–african-ankara-top–african-clothing–plus-size-african-top
  • Peplum tops

Instead of a simple peplum top, up your game by making a detachable peplum belt/skirt. You can pair any top with an overlay for that personal touch…

Ankara peplum top with overlay detachable skirt. Image from

… or pair a jumpsuit with a detachable peplum belt for that peplum styled look.

woman in a jumpsuit adorned with flayed peplum belt. Image from •
  • Dress tops

Who would have thought that a one-sided Ankara piece would look so sophisticated?

Image from



  1. Accessories

After your dress is made never forget to ask for the remaining cut out pieces of material. These pieces can be turned into a range of accessories including, chokers, bangles, belts, hair accessories and also your DIY patches. Take a look at these inspirational accessories that you can pair with any outfit for an added sense of style. Here’s: how to accessorize your office outfit.

  • Ankara body jewellery
Image from


  • Ankara belt
Bright coloured Ankara belt design. Image from
  • Ankara necklaces, capes and chokers
Ankara necklace/cape.Image from
  • Ankara headscarves
Image from

Check out how to tie a headscarf 

  • Ankara removable/overlay belt

  • Ankara overlay top

Just like the overlay skirt/belt this Ankara piece can be worn as a blouse as well as an accessory over a jumpsuit.

image from
  1. Suits

A nicely fitted suit will always give you that classic look. Look no further. From shorts to trousers, Ankara suits remain a hi-fashion statement and designs you can wear at events as well as the office.

Image from
  1. Pants

For a flattering look opt for high waisted pants. The designs you could pick from include:

  • Flared culottes
Flared pants/culottes. Image from
  • Palazzo pants

Who doesn’t love palazzo pants? In case you are wondering what palazzo pants are these are high waisted trousers that usually flare out from the waist to the bottom. You can have them full length to your ankles, or calf length. The secret is to have the pants fit from waist up to your hips then leave the rest of the garment flaring for that active stylish look.

women wearing Ankara inspired palazzo pants. Image from

Palazzo is best worn with a fitting tank top or a blouse that accentuates your features. Nonetheless depending on your mood, occasion or style, how you choose to style this outfit away is up to you, as it gives you that freedom and versatility to do so.

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  1. Gowns

No one can refute that Ankara patterns take a simply made gown to a whole new level.

Image from

If you don’t believe, check out these designs.

Image from

When it comes to body-hugging and tight outfits, here are a few fashion tips for curvy girls.

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