How To Make Bold Decisions


The decisions you make in life play a central role in defining who you are. If your decisions are poor, your life will turn out to be a regretful adventure. If your decisions are good, your life will probably turn out to be great. It all depends on you. You need to make bold decisions in life in order to achieve your goals.

Bold decisions give your life a sense of direction and make you stand out. In the event that your family and friends want you to play it safe, it is how well you defy them that makes you whole.

Here is how to make bold decisions even when everyone wants you to play it safe.

1. Bold decisions: Focus on goals and purpose-centred rewards

You should always be aware of what you want in life. With this in mind, you can then work to shake off any hindrances that may prevent you from achieving your goals. Between you and your goals, there shall be ups and downs. If you are not focused enough on your goals, you may end up getting distracted or moving away from achieving them.

You, therefore, need to make decisions that will aid your trajectory towards your goals. From education to the kind of enterprise you want to be engaged in, you must always be clear on the path you want to take. The decisions you make will help you overcome some of the difficulties on the way.

2. Bold decisions: Never be afraid of being wrong

If you are to move forward and truly live the life you want, you must never shy away from making mistakes. The mistakes will define and refine your journey. In the long run, you stand to gain more from your exposure to mistakes than having a walk in the park over what you want to do. Being wrong will help you come up with creative solutions. When making bold decisions, always know that you could be wrong or right. Never be afraid of saying something or doing something you really want just because you are afraid you may be wrong.

3. Bold decisions: Expose yourself to your fears

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Exposing yourself to your fears will help you make bold decisions. What deters most of us from making the decisions we desire in life is because we are afraid something negative may come up. Getting more exposed to your negative side will give you more courage and self-esteem to make the decisions that will aid your course. If you are fearful of taking up positions of leadership for whatever reason, you need to get exposed to leaders and learn what they do. Make sure you have maximum exposure to what you fear most. It is only through that exposure that you get over it.

4. Bold decisions: Act before you are ready

In decision-making, you have the upper hand in making the move before you are ready. Waiting for too long or hesitating will only morph into procrastination. Just act and be very confident. People will respond to this and create room for you.

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