WPP-Scangroup To Host Global Stream Unconference In Nairobi

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Creativity demands unconventional thinkers, unusual concepts and most importantly a place where creatives can express themselves freely. WPP-Scangroup launches the first edition of the WPP STREAM in Nairobi, providing a platform where creative leaders can converge.

By bringing this platform to Nairobi WPP- Scangroup aims to showcase Kenya’s talent, creativity and the magic of the digital world in pushing boundaries.

STREAM is described as an unconference because unlike the conventional conference where people sit to listen to keynote speeches and watch presentations, at STREAM the agenda of the day will be determined and run by the attendees.

As an invites only exclusive event WPP-Scangroup will be targeting (un)conventional thinkers, bringing together hundreds of brands in the creativity and technology space.

The inaugural Kenyan edition is scheduled to take place in Nairobi on 27th of September and the five following reasons should tell you why you should not miss this event.

Image courtesy of Scangroup
  1. This may be the only time in Kenya when over 100 leaders and brand creators from competing brands, will join other leaders from across the East-Africa region. All in one place.
  2. This exclusive event combines marketing, technology and media. It is set to have 16 discussions that will be led by 16 attendees of the event.
  3. Topics will range from IoT (Internet of Things) to social e-commerce, influencer delusion and the impact this has on marketing. Soft topics include personal styling and grooming key aspects that shape perception in the media and digital marketing world.
  4. WPP-Scangroup has previously worked with renown brands including leaders from AT&T, Apple, Colgate, E&Y, GSK, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, Nestle, Nike, Paramount, PepsiCo, Revlon, Samsung, Unilever, and Under Armour among others.  By bringing together the best, interactive, curious and most insightful minds of the industry, this serves as a great learning as well as networking opportunity. 5 tips on how to network in a new environment.
  5. In addition, the intimate setting allows delegates to share expertise and test new or provocative ideas with like-minded individuals.
Image courtesy of Scangroup

Founded in 2007, STREAM has grown from an annual event to an international programme with events previously held in India, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa and regional events in Europe and the USA.

What these events hold in common is the atmosphere that fosters interactions, new ideas and trends. Now that STREAM will be in Kenya take advantage of this chance to voice your creative insights a brand creator as well learn the latest in the digital, media and marketing world.

Commenting on the event, WPP-Scangroup Chief Executive Officer, Bharat Thakrar said, “The aim is to be as provocative as possible and to arm our clients and partners with the very best access and insights to inform the development of all our businesses across the region.”

At this event, WPP-Scangroup will also showcase the tangible success of stream in Kenyan businesses.

Bharat Thakrar Group CEO WPP Scangroup. Picture courtesy Scan group

Some previous STREAM guests include Anderson Cooper, Sheryl Sandberg, Ana Ivanovic, Matthew Weiner, Jack Dorsey, Daniel Ek, Lachlan Murdoch, Marissa Meyer, Shekhar Kapur, Jeff Weiner, alongside leaders from VCs, founders, artists, filmmakers, academics, economists, and engineers. The list is endless.

STREAM is set to live up to previously held events by continuing to push boundaries of engagement, fostering optimism, ideas, diversity, creativity in digital technology as well as quality of work.

The date is the 27th of September. Don’t miss out on a chance to be part of the most passionate, ambitious and curious individuals in the digital space.

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