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Ireland is certainly Europe’s most interesting travel destination to visit. It is always a place of interest to explore among locals and tourists alike. Ireland is full of vibrant history and majestic natural beauty. It is better to enjoy them worry-free with vacation insurance in hand.

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Whenever you make a travel plan, it is always advisable to have holiday insurance. This safeguards you from travel uncertainties like Baggage loss, flights delay or cancellations. If your travel is protected with travel insurance, it becomes easy to tackle these situations. It is always advisable to compare travel insurance Ireland for cheap holiday cover of all types, i.e., single trip or multi-trip, sports vacations etc. You can get ideas for better coverage to suit your holiday needs within your budget.

Although Ireland is not a budget travel destination, there are a few top destinations that you can enjoy for free. We have our research done for you. Here is the list for you to enjoy the top five Ireland destinations for free.

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Let’s get started…

1)  Visit Trinity College and Science Gallery

The Trinity College and Science Gallery, Dublin needs no introduction. There is a beautiful Science Gallery on the college premises that you must visit. You must be wondering about how to get there free, right? It’s easy. Just approach any student, and you can easily make your way through for a Free Ticket. College students are allowed free entry and can take one guest along with them. So, take your chance to visit this place for free.

2)  Visit the Botanical Gardens

It is true you can explore this top Ireland destination for free. Botanical Gardens is also nicknamed as the Secret Garden. It is a large green space that spans over 2000 hectare. The Botanical Gardens houses large varieties of flora and fauna. It is a nice place to stroll around and enjoy the greenery.

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3)  Enjoy views from high cliffs

When you have travel insurance with you, why not try any adventure experience? Moreover, this experience comes for free. You can trek and reach at the top of the highest sea cliffs in Europe, Slieve League. Spend time and enjoy the breathtaking surrounding scenic beauty. Capture everything with your lenses and lock them in your travel memories.

4)  Enjoy local music

Ireland’s local music is popular, but there is no need to book a ticket for any local music show. If you are visiting Ireland, you will definitely visit the pubs to experience Ireland’s nightlife. Over there you can enjoy local music for free. Majority of the pub’s hosts live music. Visit and order a pint to enjoy unlimited local music for free. To know more about free music events visit this page.

5)  Visit the Irish Museum of Modern Art

If you are an art lover, this is a must-to-visit place for you. The exciting news is, its free to enter. This Irish Museum of Modern Art holds a vast collection of artworks by talented Irish artists. Marvel around these works of art and explore them.

These are the top destinations that you can visit in Ireland for free. We have our recommended list of the top five. Explore these places if you are on a low budget and planning to visit Ireland.

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