Check Out These 5 Environmentally Friendly Home Decor Ideas

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In the strive to fight climate change by reducing the carbon footprint in the environment here are some green alternatives/ ideas you can incorporate in your home decor. In doing this, not only do you stand protected from allergens but also the environment will thank you for having an eco-friendly home. That is by adding a sense of nature’s touch in your home and saving you the money that you would’ve spent along the way to attain this beauty.

  1. House plants

Adding houseplants in your living space adds beauty, character and clean air to your home. You can also take this opportunity to plant useful herbs and plants, which you can use for medicine as well as culinary purposes. One way to ensure that they keep thriving is to set them near windows where they can absorb sunlight. For this, you can set up ledges or make use of hanging wall planters for a beautiful vertical garden. Here’s how to create the hanging wall planters for an indoor vertical garden.

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  1. Pegboards and ceiling hangers.

A pegboard is a perforated hardboard that allows you to attach pegs, hooks or shelves which support your tools or plant pots.

A pegboard can be used as a headboard and by making use of the hooks, shelves, baskets you can create any look you want.

In the same way, ceiling hangers are a good option since they allow you to customize a small living area. By use of macramé plant hangers, you can hang plants from over the ceiling be it in the bathroom, living space or over the dining area.

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  1. Use Eco-friendly material

From furniture to walls and carpets. Using eco-friendly material or paint when you are repurposing your furniture, will help you steer clear of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which cause allergies.

Also, take note of your energy consumption. installing solar panels or using energy-saving light bulbs is a good way to start. This is why you should consider using solar energy for your home needs.

You can also invest in thermal insulating materials which are good at saving energy. 4 ways to power your home with renewable energy.

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Rugs are also a great option in conserving energy as they insulate the floors preventing warm air from escaping.

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  1. Recycle and repurpose old materials

A cheaper way to add unique items as part of your home decor is to use recycled materials. The different items you can recycle include plastic containers, newspapers, old glass jars, glass frames crayons and the list is endless. Just browse through youtube get inspired and stary repurposing those old items in your home. 16 Fun Ways To Recycle Things In The House


  1. Use dried flowers.

Also known as a potpourri, dried flowers are a great way to make home decor designs, that give off a refreshing scent as well as add fragrance into your home. Dried flower arrangements also have a longer shelf life and they require little attention.

All you need to tie them in a ribbon set them in a vase or add them in macramé wall hangings and you would have turned plants into pieces of living art.

Speaking of eco-friendly homes, here’s how you can eliminate greenhouse gases in your household.  Lifestyle: How To Take Care Of Your Potted Plants

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