3 Travel Destinations Perfect For Fitness Fanatics

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Vacations don’t just have to be about relaxing by the pool and indulging in all of the finer things in life. If you’re a fitness fanatic, fear not as there are plenty of destinations around the globe that will allow you to get your physical activity fix while you’re on your holidays. In most of these places, staying fit and encouraging better health is actually a way of life.

To find three travel destinations that are perfect for fitness fanatics like yourself, make sure to read on.

 Utah, U.S.

With hiking, cycling, and even wakesurfing to choose from, whenever you head to America’s ‘Beehive State,’ you will well and truly be able to indulge in your love of fitness.

Some of the best and most enjoyable fitness-related activities Utah has to offer include:

 Hiking/cycling in Bryce Canyon

Whether you choose to hike or cycle your way through Bryce Canyon, you will be sure to up your fitness levels when you head to this National Park simply because of how challenging the terrain can get in certain areas of it. To ensure that you are well-rested and ready to face each new day of hiking/cycling with renewed enthusiasm and vigor, be sure to book yourself a comfortable stay in Ruby’s Inn.

 Wakesurfing in St. George, Orem, or Ogden

Essentially just a cross between surfing and wakeboarding, wakesurfing will push you to the limit as you attempt to stop yourself from going overboard. When you partake in this activity, as you would if you participated in wakeboarding, you will be pulled along by a boat. You won’t be in a horizontal position as you are being pulled along though — no, you will be vertical! This means that you will have to put your core and your leg muscles through their paces if you want to remain upright and dry.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

If wakesurfing doesn’t quite sound like your thing, then maybe you should try the traditional form of surfing instead? Should this be a physical activity that you are interested in partaking in, then you should head to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica in order to indulge in it. Here, you will be able to hit some of the best tides and swills that Central America has to offer. Once you’re done surfing, you can kick back and enjoy everything Hermosa beach has to offer.

Phuket, Thailand

Fitness holidays aren’t pigeonholed to the Americas, you know. Southeast Asia also offers up a number of perfect travel destinations in this instance, one of which being Phuket. Travel: Thailand Should Be On The Bucketlist Of Places You Must Visit

Quite simply, sport is a way of life in this corner of Thailand. Multi-sporters from across the globe gather here from January to April in order to enjoy warm winter training weather and gain access to the plethora of scenic, forest-lined training routes. Muay Thai classes are run regularly throughout the city, too, meaning there will always be some sort of physical activity for you to throw yourself into should you decide to put Phuket on your traveling bucket list.

As a fitness fanatic, you should make it your life’s goal to visit the three travel destinations listed above.

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