I Am Tired Of Being The Firstborn

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It is not in my nature to complain. Nonetheless, I have reached a point where I would like to be the last born in our family – even for a day. My sentiments emanate from a discovery that our last born sister has all the fun in the family.

Yes, we might share the same broad social environment and even share the same DNA but our personalities differ. One of the lies she likes telling me is that I am her biggest influence. But I recognize it as a lie because even her sweet words can’t hide her dark intentions.

As the biggest manipulator in our family – I don’t know if she does it knowingly or unknowingly – she always gets her way. If not, she uses me to charm her way through until she gets it. Well, that is partly my fault because parents listen to me more than they do our second born.

Now let’s get into one of her greatest hobbies, which is to get tired on my behalf. As the one child in our family whose main activity is to go to the shop, once in a while she sure does get tired a lot. It has even reached a point where she’s set a curfew.  6’oclock marks the last stroke of the hour where you can send her to fetch you anything. Otherwise, she’s got homework which translates to – googling her favourite Asian celebrities or sleep which happens way late into the night after watching DIY videos.

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The disrespect doesn’t end there. Apart from feeling that I’m working too much, which my second sister supports in vehemence, last-born will still ask me to take part in her school projects. This she tells me last minute making it more of a notification than a favour. Of course, I cannot refuse her because the last project I did for her earned her a place in her social circle. What I don’t understand is why she leaves out our second-born when she orchestrates this great plan of transferring her responsibilities to people.

“I am not the only one,” is no longer a song I heard from Sam Smith. It is now my mantra.

Still wondering how she gets tired on my behalf? That’s because more often than not she does absolutely nothing. I can’t say that for myself. All I know is that I work and she does the resting. I won’t even mention how often my name comes up in trouble she has caused. How does that work?

Simply she has turned me into a parent, but one who doesn’t complain because as she reminds; I am her biggest influence.

Do I hate her? No. Do I envy her, yes and this for reasons that go hand in hand with no pressure, no expectation but just living each day as it comes. She also doesn’t have to buy clothes, everything I own is hers by default.

Nonetheless, I am still the boss in the house and that is something she cannot be. Because she is the baby who can never escape anyone’s jokes nor chores whenever she’s not too tired. Good for her though because she’s a great charmer and like they say every dog has its day.

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