Guinness Launches Hop House 13 Premium Lager In Kenya

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) Marketing Director Graham Villiers-Tuthill (Left), Master Brewers - Peter Oduor (2nd left) & Jasmine Winterer (3rd left) alongside Andrew Kilonzo - Sales Director (right), raise a toast during the launch of Guinness Hop House 13 at The Waterfront Karen. Picture courtesy KBL

You will recognize the Guinness brand for its flagship list of beers including Tusker Kenya’s signature beer. On that list add the new Guinness variant Hop house 13; a premium international quality lager launched by Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL).

Hop House 13, a flavourful lager also found across Europe, hits Africa with Kenya being the first African country to launch it. The beer is described as to have both depths of flavour and the crisp lager refreshment quality, which makes it perfect for local occasions.

Created in Dublin, and brewed locally in Kenya, Hop House 13 is made with Guinness yeast and locally sourced malt and hops. It is double hopped for more taste making it a distinctive a full flavoured lager bursting with zingy hoppiness and balanced with a malty finish.

Guinness has been in Kenya for almost 50 years. It is the number one stout in the world with beers like Foreign Extra Stout, which comes in a 300ml and 500ml dark coloured bottle.

Hop House 13, on the other hand, is a distinctive golden lager, with a sweet fruity aroma and hints of apricot, peach and subtle malt notes breaking through.  It is not bitter. Rather, it is hoppy, crisp and with a refreshingly clean finish.

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) Peter Oduor- Master Brewer (left), Anne Joy Muhoro – Head of Beer (Middle) and Sales Director – Andrew Kilonzo (right) raise a toast during the launch of Guinness Hop House 13 at The Waterfront Karen.
Picture courtesy KBL

Named after an early 1900’s hop store building, where hops are still stored to this day, Hop House 13 is expected to appeal lager drinkers who are looking for a more character, more taste without compromising on the refreshing ability that lager offers.

Speaking at the launch, Kenya Breweries Limited Marketing Manager – Guinness, Ms Nduku Wamakau said, “Hop House 13 will launch with an experiential event that will tap into all senses of our customers.” This will allow customers to experience the excitement of this new premium international lager considering that it is a great success in Europe.

The 4.1% ABV lager is expected to roll out across the country later in the year and will be available for KSHS 210 per 500ml bottle.

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