Here’s What Happened At Viva Global Wine Expo & Reasons You Should Never Miss A Wine Tasting


If you missed out on the wine expo hosted by Viva Global, here’s a rundown of what went by. Importantly, this is why you should make your way to the next wine tasting event if you see one.

#Vinowithviva took place on the first weekend of October attracting both wine enthusiasts and experts from different parts of the country. The expo which showcased an array of fine wine including Marques De Casa Concha,  premium wines like Casillero del Diablo and varietal wines like Frontera saw many come together with a goal to share in the fun, learn from experts as well as make new friends.

Setting the tone of the day was a wine class led by sommelier Wanjiru Mureithi also known as Wine Njiru. As a certified WSET wine educator, experienced and knowledgeable in her craft, the one-hour wine master class couldn’t be enough for her to disseminate all wine facts and skills up her sleeves. Nonetheless, as one of her students who walked in the class with nothing but a passion for wine I surely walked out with more, including a systematic approach to tasting wine and the ability to differentiate the various wine flavours. 5 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask A Wine Sommelier

After the class came the opportunity to put the skills we’d garnered to test. Down from the nitty-gritty details like holding the glass at the stem to evaluating the taste of different wines and giving their price estimate. This is where I would uncover the benefits of attending a wine tasting affair.

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Had a very great experience at Park inn Radisson during the first day of #vinowithviva The wine class led by the amazing and experienced sommelier @winenjiru was not only enlightening but insightful to say the least. #winetasting & its intricacies couldnt be made any simpler. Not again will i ever hold the glass from the bowl & neither will i ever drink wine without swirling. Day 2 of the @viva_global expo happens on the 5th. Like today it will also be a day of wine, cheese, chocolate & strawberry. If this isnt life i'm yet to open my 3rd eye. For correct 🍾 pronunciation & classes visit @hcc_ea And with that, im happy to have found my taste after 20…years of living:🍷 Birds & Bees, Sunkissed, (sprizzo, white & rosé), wolfblass chardonnay, then cabernet sauvignon. For 🍫@sweetartke maracuja chocolate was nothing but utter ecstacy. @brownsfoodco gouda🧀 took it home. Thanks @viva_global @mk_wine_journey for an amazing day.

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  1. Gain knowledge about wine

Many associate wines with affluence, class and prestige. Not refuting this fact, this wine exhibition by Viva Global gave many including me, the opportunity to discover the intricacies of wine, as well as taste a flight of wine from different casks without having to travel for it.

Experts and lovers of wine got the chance to rediscover a plethora of aromas and flavours from new vintages, while beginners got acquainted with wine etiquette and the 5 S which are see, swirl, sniff, sip and savour.

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  1. Finding personal taste

If you are new to wine you probably have experienced the frustration that is trying to find what would suit your taste bud through luck or a friend’s recommendation. While your friend might get it right (rarely), it doesn’t beat the satisfaction of discovering your wine of choice yourself.

That is the rewarding part of wine tasting events. You can sieve through different wines until you find out whether you like yours dry, sweet, semi-dry or semi-sweet.

  1. Become a better taster

Viva Global made it possible to experience what one was familiar with, discover other wines, their characteristics, prices and where to get them when the need arises.

Personally, I found out I prefer semi-sweet chardonnays to bold dry reds like Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec. I also found out that sweet wines like Birds & Bees and Sunkissed were my go-to staples.

With more wine tasting sessions, perhaps my preference could change as I further my tasting skill sets and get to understand wines better. Nonetheless, this wine tasting event gave me a starting point to better understand the wine in my glass and to discover what I like versus what I don’t. Here are some Wine tips for beginners.

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  1. Discover the pleasures of drinking wine

What’s more satisfying than knowing which wine complements your food. Wine tasting events have experts and informed tasters who can help you refine your wine facts. With this comes an added advantage of knowing what flavours to pair with different courses this being an integral part of fine dining.  As Wine Njiru would say, “Wine pairing knowledge is important as the right wines bring out flavours and nuances in a meal thus accentuating the goodness of a dish.”

I learnt that desserts pair well with sweet wines while main dishes like steak pair well with red wines such as Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Because of the availability of cheese and chocolate guests of Vino With Viva also got to indulge in the fun that is wine and chocolate, wine and cheese, and strawberry chocolate and wine. Basically, everything was delicious.

  1. Create a memorable experience.

Nothing screams memories like good food, fine wine and new friends. Wine tasting events package this experience and let you share it with people who share the same interests and passions. Not only do you get to learn tips that will help you avoid bad wine but you discover more wines without hurting your pocket too much.

As they say you may love other drinks but nothing works as good as pairing food and wine together.

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Feature image courtesy of Viva Global.

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